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Two Way Radios & Haunts

Two Way Radios & Haunts

10th Oct 2018

Two Way Radios for Haunts - Key ways to use Walkie Talkies in your Haunt

It's the season for Haunted Houses, Corn Mazes, and other fun spooky attractions.  If two way radios aren't a part of your operation, you're missing a key safety tool.  Two way radios are both a productivity and a safety tool for your haunt.  We'll share a couple of key reasons why you should consider adding two way radios to your operation.  Both your Guests and your Actors will appreciate it.  Here are some key uses for walkie talkies in the Haunt Industry.

Security - Acts of violence occur every year against Actors.  Normally the bad behavior escalates as the guest is moving through the attraction.  Using two way radios, Security can intervene before the behavior escalates to violence.  

Crowd Control - The goal of your Haunt is to give a good scare to as many guests as possible during the season.  Use two way radios to coordinate among staff to move crowds efficiently through the attraction.  

Organizational Management - Moving Staff around, handling the unexpected, and coordination of the different attractions can all be done more efficiently using walkie talkies than any other way.  

There are a number of walkie talkies available which will work well for your haunt.  

House Haunts:  Midland LXT600 FRS Business Two Way Radios are a great, affordable value for small haunts.  You'll get plenty of battery life and range with these compact walkie talkies.  We offer a convenient 8 pack of Midland LXT600 FRS Business walkie talkies which include headsets.  You can expect 8-10 hours of battery life daily out from the Midland LXT600 walkie talkie.  

Commercial Haunts:  The Motorola DLR1020 works great in buildings up to 300K square feet and offers excellent audio quality.   You can expect 10-12 hours of battery life between charges using the Motorola DLR1020.

Corn Mazes, Haunted Woods, and Wagon Rides.  We suggest the Motorola Mag One BPR40.  This 5 Watt VHF two way radio will provide plenty of coverage over a couple of miles.  You can expect 8-10 hours of battery life out of the Motorola Mag One BPR40 between charges.  

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