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Two Way Radios for Healthcare Providers has helped hundreds of Healthcare providers use two way radios to improve patient care, reduce wasted time, and increase productivity amongst the Clinical Team. In this age of reduced staff, reduced billing, and more demanding patients two way radios provide an efficient tool to help you do your jobs better.

Walkie Talkies will benefit your Team whether you’re in a small family practice or a large hospital environment. No matter the footprint, two way radios enable team communication which improves productivity. Associates can coordinate patient care, change priority levels on the fly, or request assistance in real time without stopping to dial a phone number or seeking out an Associate.

Two Way Radios can be implemented quickly as most require little to no setup and are ready to work out of the box. You’ll find business walkie talkies work for 8-10 hours between charges and are designed to withstand liquid and drops on concrete. Two way radios are simple to use and most require no additional equipment to work.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to walkie talkies. aims to make this easy for you. We’ll ask a couple of questions to identify your specific needs and will make specific recommendations based on your answers.  You’ll need not worry about Radio Frequency Interference, as both our walkie talkies and the medical equipment in your office are both RF Shielded to protect against any interference. You’ll also need not worry about interference from other users as we’ll make sure you’re on a private frequency.

Our most common questions include:

How large of a footprint are you trying to cover? Is your building the size of a Super Walmart? Are you in a multi-floor hospital? How many floors does your team cover? Walkie Talkies come in various wattages and sizes. The larger your facility, the more powerful of a two way radio you’ll need.

How many people will be using walkie talkies at one time? Do you work in Teams or is everyone on the same team? Teams can be segregated based on channels based on your needs. Physical Therapy rarely needs to talk to Occupational Therapy so we use channels to separate these conversations while still ensuring they can talk should the need arise.

What’s your budget? There are several options available with various features and capabilities. By having an idea of your budget, we can provide a good, better, and best proposal. Our goal isn’t to sell you the most expensive two way radio we sell, our goal is to get you using walkie talkies. We know that once your Team sees the improved productivity and happier patients, two way radios will become something you wonder why you didn’t do it years before.

Give a call today at 855-770-7194 to learn more about how two way radios can help your healthcare facility today!