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Motorola Wave TLK

Motorola Wave TLK Push To Talk Over Cellular 

The Motorola Wave Family of Products merges the convenience of a two way radio with the range of a cellular phone to help users get things done.  Motorola Wave products use both Cellular and WLAN Technologies to create your own communications network at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies.  You'll get the security and privacy of two way radios with the range of cellular phones.  You can also get the added benefit of a dispatch console complete with GPS monitoring of your devices.  

Motorola Wave TLK Products are ideal for Towing Companies, Restaurant Delivery Services, Limo Services, Taxi Companies, Contractors, and others with Fleet Vehicles.  Motorola Wave TLK Push To Talk Over Cellular Devices include the Motorola TLK100, Motorola TLK150 and an available app for phones and tablets.  Motorola Wave products work nationwide via a private 4G LTE network.  

Key Features of Motorola Wave TLK Push To Talk Over Cellular Devices Include:

  • Nationwide Two Way Radio Coverage
  • WiFi Backup for Areas with limited Cellular Coverage
  • Dispatch Terminal with Integrated GPS
  • Compact, Lightweight Handsets
  • Connect Entire Team using Computers, Handhelds, Mobiles, & Cellular Phones
  • No Infrastructure Cost & No Licensing Fees

We Educate  ... You Decide if the Motorola TLK100 is the Right Product for You!

Are Motorola TLK100 radios less expensive to use than traditional two way radios?  In many cases, yes.  Motorola offers incentives providing customers with free devices in exchange for a service commitment.  You get free radios every 30 months keeping your equipment fresh and up to date with emerging technologies.  

How quickly can I get a TLK system up and running?  We can have you set up and running in 24 hours if you need them that quickly.  Most customers are up and running within 5 business days.  

What exactly is a dispatch console?  The Motorola TLK Ecosystem of products includes a subscription web based dispatch service.  When using the service you're able to talk to, locate, and track all of your Motorola TLK devices from a computer or a tablet.  

I see these radios offered on the Motorola Solutions website, why should I buy Motorola Wave products from  We're experts, we are USA based, and we make using the Motorola Wave product super simple.  Motorola has a great product but its self serve.  Motorola pays us to take great care of you, so lets get started.    

What does it cost?  TLK devices cost $25-$35 per month depending on what you paid for the device.  The dispatch console is $36 per month per license.  You can add an App to your cellular phone for $8.00 per device.  These prices are subject to change.  


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