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Two Way Radios for Haunts

Two Way Radios are a Requirement for Successful Haunts has been helping Haunts successfully use two way radios for security, efficiency, and crowd control for years.  Whether you're running a Haunt out of your home, a Haunted Maze, or a large commercial Haunt, two way radios are a critical tool which shouldn't be overlooked.  Two way radios, also called walkie talkies will make your operation run smoother, allows you to move more guests through, and is vital for security.  Fire Marshals and Insurance Companies like to see two way radios as part of your operational plan. 

We offer a number of two way radios for the Haunt Industry to meet your budget needs as well as facility coverage.  Here's a brief description of the types of two way radios available for you. 

Motorola FRS & GMRS Two Way Radios. 

These walkie talkies are affordable and license free.  These units are available in Retail Stores Nationwide which means you'll have interference from kids, truckers, and possibly other businesses.  You may experience audio quality issues, but if you're on a tight budget, you'll find Motorola FRS and GMRS walkie talkies will do the job.  The Motorola T400 Talkabout is our most popular model and is below.  

Motorola MURS Two Way Radios. 

MURS Two Way Radios are license free VHF Two way radios.  These are excellent for Corn Mazes, and large warehouses.  MURS two way radios aren't the best choice if you have a building with multiple floor, multiple buildings, or a lot of electronics.  The Motorola RMM2050 is Motorola's only MURS two way radio available.  

Business Two Way Radios. 

You'll see Motorola CLS1110, Motorola VX-261, and Kenwood TK-3230 walkie talkies featured below.  These are our most affordable Business Two Way Radios designed to meet your needs.  All of these units are on Business Exclusive Frequencies which means you shouldn't have interference from the surround neighborhoods.  Should you hear another business, we can quickly help you rectify the situation.  Business two way radios come in UHF, VHF, and Digital models.  We recommend UHF or Digital models.  

We recommend headsets be used at your Haunt to keep guests from listening in.  Headsets are specific to the two way radio you purchase. can assist you with headset selection or you'll find all available headsets for your radio selection in the category section to the left of this text.  

Call at 855-770-7194 or Chat with us to Learn More!

We Educate ....  You Decide .... Why Two Way Radios Should be Used by Your Haunt!

How many walkie talkies do most haunts use?  We suggest at least six be used.  Production, Security, and the General Manager should be in constant communication at all time as a best practice.  

Are these two way radios discreet, we don't want to take away from the guest experience. suggests that headsets be worn at all times so only two way radio users hear the message.  

We rent two way radios, why should we buy them?  Business walkie talkies should last for 5-6 years before having to replace the batteries which makes the investment worthwhile.  Consumer two way radios are affordable enough that if they last 2 Seasons you've spent less money than in previous years and still have product to show for it.  

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    Kenwood TK-2000 VHF 5 Watt 16 Channel Two Way Radio

    Kenwood TK-2000

    Kenwood TK-2000 5 Watt 16 Channel VHF Two Way Radio The Kenwood TK-2000 is one of the smallest and most compact 5 Watt VHF Two Way Radios on the Market.  Weighing just under a pound, the Kenwood TK-2000 is lightweight and packed full of features...

    MSRP: $299.00
    Was: $279.00
    Now: $249.00
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    Motorola CLS1110 Two Way Radio, Bundle of 8 CLS1110 two way radios Motorola CLS1110 1 Watt 1 Channel UHF Two Way Radio

    Motorola CLS1110 8 Pack

    Motorola CLS1110 1 Watt 1 Channel UHF Two Way Radio, Pack of 8 Receive 1 Free Radio for Every Six Motorola CLS1110 Two Way Radios Purchased from September 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021 via a mail in rebate from Motorola.  Complete details are...

    MSRP: $1,752.00
    Was: $1,585.00
    Now: $1,432.00
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  • Midland LXT600BB FRS Business Two Way Radio Bundle with Charger and Headsets.   3 Year warranty on the Midland LXT600BB. Midland LXT600BB  FRS Business Walkie Talkie Bundle with Headsets

    Midland LXT600BB

    Midland LXT600BB FRS Business Two Way Radio Bundle of 2 with Headsets The Midland LXT600BB is a low cost two way radio designed for small businesses.  You'll find this light duty walkie talkie is a lightweight, feature rich two way radio is an...

    MSRP: $129.99
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  • Kenwood TK-3000 UHF Two Way Radio

    Kenwood TK-3000

    Kenwood TK-3000 4 Watt 16 Channel UHF Two Way Radio The Kenwood TK-3000 is one of the smallest and most compact 4 Watt UHF Two Way Radios on the Market.  Weighing just under a pound, the Kenwood TK-3000 is lightweight and packed full of features...

    MSRP: $279.00
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  • Motorola VX-261 5 Watt UHF or VHF Two Way Radio

    Motorola VX-261

    Motorola VX-261 UHF or VHF 5 Watt Two Way Radio  The Motorola VX-261 has been discontinued and replaced by the Motorola CP100d.  The Motorola CP100d is a 5 Watt 16 Channel Analog Two Way Radio and is fully compatible with the Motorola VX-261...

    MSRP: $249.00
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  • Motorola T400 Waterproof Talkabout Two Way Radio Motorola Talkabout T400 Walkie Talkie Range Chart

    Motorola Talkabout T400

    Motorola T400 Talkabout Two Way Radio ( Yellow) The Motorola T400 has been discontinued and replaced by the Motorola T402.   The Motorola T400 is one of Motola's Best Selling and Most Powerful Consumer Two Way Radios.  The T400 Walkie...

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    Motorola CLS1110 1 Watt 1 Channel UHF Two Way Radio

    Motorola CLS1110

    Motorola CLS1110 1 Watt 1 Channel UHF Two Way Radio The Motorola CLS1110 is the most popular two way radio sold in the United States and is the radio of choice if you’re a Retailer, School, Church, Medical, Office, or any other facility in a...

    MSRP: $209.00
    Was: $189.00
    Now: $179.00
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