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Bluetooth Accessories

Bluetooth Accessories for Two Way Radios

Most of the two way radio manufacturers are behind the eight ball when it comes to bluetooth accessories so we've sourced some for you.  Different radios require different configurations to make it all work.  That said, we encourage you to call us so we can ensure you're successfully connected the first time.  

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    Hytera EHW02 Bluetooth Earpiece

    Hytera EHW02

    Hytera EHW02 Bluetooth Earpiece The Hytera EHW02 is a Bluetooth earpiece with dual PTT button enables various operating modes and the integrated DSP noise reduction technology ensures high quality audio transmission in noisy operating environments...

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  • Hytera ESW01-N2 Bluetooth Earpiece with Charging Port Hytera ESW01 Bluetooth Earpiece

    Hytera ESW01-N2

    Hytera ESW01-N2 Bluetooth Earpiece with Adapter The Hytera ESW01-N2 is a bluetooth earpiece with integrated push to talk button designed for use with Hytera two way radios outfitted with a bluetooth chip.  The Hytera ESW01-N2 includes a...

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  • Hytera POA121 Bluetooth Wireless Push to Talk Button

    Hytera POA121

    Hytera POA121 Bluetooth Adapter  The Hytera POA121 is a Bluetooth Adapter for Hytera BD552i Series two way radios.  The Hytera POA121 is worn like a ring and allows you to control the volume and activate your bluetooth headset.  

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    Hytera POA47 Bluetooth Push to Talk Button

    Hytera POA47

    Hytera POA47 Bluetooth Push to Talk Button The Hytera POA47 is a small and discreet Bluetooth PTT for covert and convenient communication.  Hytera POA47 are worn as a ring and are used to activate the push to talk feature of Hytera bluetooth...

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    Pryme BTH-600-ZU

    Pryme BTH-600-ZU Heavy Duty Bluetooth Speaker Microphone The Pryme BTH-600-ZU is one of the best selling Bluetooth Enable Speaker Microphones in America.  The BTH-600-ZU is a heavy duty, waterproof bluetooth speaker mic designed to...

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    Pryme BT-503 Bluetooth Dongle for Motorola Two Way Radios with 2 Pin Connection

    Pryme BT-503

    Pryme BT-503 Bluetooth Adapter with Push to Talk for Motorola Two Way Radios with 2 Pin Connector Add Bluetooth connectivity to your Motorola two way radio using Pryme's Bluetooth Dongle.  Simply connect this dongle to your Motorola two way radio...

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    Now: $89.00
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    Pryme BT-PTT-Z MINI Bluetooth PTT Device Pryme BT-PTT-Z MINI Bluetooth PTT Devices can be strapped to handlebars, steering wheels, and other devices for convenience.

    Pryme BT-PTT-Z MINI

    Pryme BT-PTT-Z Bluetooth PTT Switch for Zello and Other PTT Apps The Pryme PT-PTT-Z MINI PTT allows you activate push-to-talk function wirelessly. The BT-PTT-Z can be held in the hand, or use the included Velcro strap to attach to just about...

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