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Two Way Radios in Summer Camps

Two Way Radios In Use at Summer Camps!

Two way radios are widely used by Camps.  Safety, Staff Coordination, Emergency Response, Scheduling, and Maintenance are just some of the many uses of walkie talkies at a Camp.  Two way radios are more than a safety tool and more than a productivity tool for you, two way radios are Power Tools that talk!  

Two way radios are beneficial regardless of the size and scope of your Camp.  The proven benefits of walkie talkies work are as essential for Day Camps as they are for Overnight Camps.  You've got a bunch of Kids having fun and safety is a priority.  Two way radios work regardless of purpose, affiliation, or whether you're running a day or overnight program. 

Coordination among Staff is key to organization no matter the circumstance and cellular phones either don't work, are off limits, and are too expensive for to outfit your entire Staff.  Two Way radios are an essential tool for Staff to communicate but you may think they're too expensive. offers a variety of two way radios at different price points to meet your specific budget needs.  

The Author of this page spent seven years working on a Summer Camp Staff so we know a thing or two about Summer Camps.  You and your Staff are a special breed who give of their Summers to benefit Youth and we applaud you!  We can help you maintain your existing two way radios, help with the purchase of new walkie talkies, or just reminisce about the joys of working with youth over a summer. 

Within this category, you'll find a selection of two way radios which we've found offer excellent price points and feature sets for a typical Summer Camp.  Don't hesitate to call us at 855-770-7194 if we can answer any questions!

  • Kenwood TK2402V16P 5 Watt 16 Channel VHF Two Way Radio Kenwood ProTalk TK-2402V16P VHF Walkie Talkie

    Kenwood ProTalk TK-2402V16P

    Kenwood ProTalk TK-2402V16P 5 Watt 16 Channel VHF Two Way Radio The Kenwood ProTalk TK-2402V16P 5 Watt 16 Channel VHF Two Way Radio is Kenwood's most popular VHF business two way radio.  Kenwood ProTalk Two Way Radios are known for their superior...

    $300.00 $264.00
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  • Kenwood TK-3000 UHF Two Way Radio

    Kenwood TK-3000

    Kenwood TK-3000 4 Watt 16 Channel UHF Two Way Radio The Kenwood TK-3000 is one of the smallest and most compact 4 Watt UHF Two Way Radios on the Market.  Weighing just under a pound, the Kenwood TK-3000 is lightweight and packed full of features...

    $229.00 $169.00
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  • Midland BR200 16 Channel UHF Two Way Radio Midland BR200X6BGC 6 Pack of Walkie Talkies

    Midland BizTalk BR200

    Midland BizTalk BR200 16 Channel Business UHF Two Way Radio  The Midland BizTalk 16 Channel Business UHF Business Two Way Radio Six Pack is an excellent value for small and medium sizes businesses looking for the durability of a business two way...

    $109.99 $89.99
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  • Motorola HKLN4601 Surveillance Earpiece with DECIBULLZ Black Custom Earplug

    Motorola HKLN4601 with Custom Ear Insert

    Motorola HKLN4601 Single Wire Surveillance Headset with Inline Push to Talk Mic & Custom Ear Plug The Motorola HKL4601 is a single wire surveillance headset designed for Motorola Business Two Way Radios with 2 pin audio connections.  We've...

    $74.99 $54.99
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  • Motorola RMM2050 2 Watt MURS two way radio

    Motorola RMM2050

    Motorola RMM2050 2 Watt 5 Channel MURS Two Way Radio The  Motorola RMM2050 is an FCC Regulated License Free MURS (Multi-Use Recreational Service) Approved Two Way Radio The Motorola RMM2050 two way radio is a cost effective durable two way radios...

    $225.00 $189.00
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  • Motorola VX-261 5 Watt UHF or VHF Two Way Radio

    Motorola VX-261

    Motorola VX-261 UHF or VHF 5 Watt Two Way Radio  Motorola's VX-261 Series Two Way Radio is feature rich and affordable.  Our Motorola VX-261 series two way radio replaces three models in the Legacy Vertex Standard fleet, the VX-231, VX-261,...

    $209.99 $174.99
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  • Motorola VX-454 512 Channel UHF or VHF Two Way Radio VX-454 Two Way Radio by Motorola

    Motorola VX-454

    Motorola V-454 Waterproof UHF & VHF Two Way Radios with Alpha-Numeric Display The Motorola VX-454 two way radio is an excellent representation of what Motorola stands for: durable, feature rich, compact, cost effective products with an industry...

    $349.99 $310.00
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  • Ritron LPA Series Radio To Intercom Interface Ritron LPA Series Radio to Intercom Interface allows you to speak over your existing Public Address System using two way radios.

    Ritron LPA Interface

    Ritron LPA Receiver Radio To Intercom Interface Device The Ritron LPA Receiver Radio to Intercom Interface Device allows you to use your two way radio fleet to connect to your existing Intercom System.  This is an excellent feature for Schools,...

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  • Ritron Q Series Analog Two Way Radio Call Box Ritron Q Series Analog Two Way Radio Call Boxes come in UHF and VHF Models

    Ritron RQX-417NX

    Ritron Q Series High Visibility Green Two Way Radio Analog Call Box  Ritron Q Series Two Way Radio Call Boxes are used to permanently mount a two way radio in remote locations like Delivery Doors, Gates, Outhouses, Play Grounds, Production Lines,...

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