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Two Way Radios for Night Clubs & Bars

Two Way Radios for Night Clubs & Bar

If you're a Night Club or Bar and aren't currently using two way radios, you're about to make one of the best decisions you can make for your business.  Two way radios are a necessity for your business and you'll see instant benefits.  Two way radios are an affordable tool to help manage crowd control, improve efficiency, and will help you manage your business more effectively. 

Key uses of Two Way Radios in the Night Club & Bar Industry Include:

  • Security Staff - Quickly respond to incidents or to diffuse disagreements
  • Bar Staff - Replenishing Cash, Spirits, and Supplies
  • Door Staff - Coordinate with Security for Safety and Crowd Control
  • Management - Keeping Everyone on Task

Important Considerations for Night Clubs & Bars Needing Walkie Talkies

  • Audio Quality - Your club is loud.
  • Durability - Your walkie talkies are going to get dropped
  • Headsets - Don't forget to buy headsets.  Headsets are a must in your industry. 
  • Brand - Motorola and Kenwood have the best two way radios for your industry
  • Price Point - You get what you pay for - just like with Vodka

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We Educate  .... You Decide Which Two Way Radio is Right for a Night Clubs & Bars?

How much money should we spend on two way radios?  Less than $200 per walkie talkie.  We recommend Motorola and Kenwood Business Two Way Radios for your Bar or Night Club with a quality headset.  These walkie talkies provide excellent audio quality and reduce background noise which is critical in your high noise environment. 


Why don't you recommend FRS or GMRS walkie talkies?  The audio quality is inferior and will not work well in your high noise environment.  If you're a technical person, the size and the output power of the speaker aren't the same quality as those in business two way radios.  


What do we recommend?  Recommends the Motorola DLR1020 as the best two way radio for your Night Club or Bar.  You'll love the audio quality, size, and the ability to initiate private conversations.  That said, all the walkie talkies featured in this category will work great for any Night Club or Bar.  

Do you offer special discounts for Night Clubs & Bars?  Yes, please call 855-770-7194 and one of our Associates will be happy to provide you with a discount.