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Offroad Radios offers a great selection of Offroad Radios for Jeep Enthusiasts, UTV's, and other Off Road Adventurists.  We carry walkies talkies from ICOM, Midland, and Motorola including handhelds, mobile units, and repeaters designed to work on a number of frequency bands including UHF, VHF, MURS, FRS, & GMRS frequencies.  

Handheld Offroad Radios come in .5 Watts up to 5 Watts of power depending on the frequency band selected.  Handheld walkie talkies are convenient as they're battery powered and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle easily but do not have the same operating range as mobile two way radios.  

Mobile two way radios come in 2 watts all the way up to 50 watts depending on the frequency band selected.  Mobile two way radios are either fix mounted to a vehicle or can be converted into a base station.  

Repeaters allow for extended range and are a good option for Clubs, OffRoad Parks, and RaceTracks.  Repeaters always require an FCC license and are avaiable in 5 Watt and 50 watt configurations.  Repeaters require configuration to use it is best to order these over the phone with us.  

Have Questions?  Give a call at 855-770-7194 or talk with us Now or Click here to chat! 

We Educate .... You Decide if an Offroad Two Way Radio is Right for You!

Do you sell used equipment?  No, we only offer new equipment with the manufacturer's full warranty.  

Will these radios work with radios I already have?  Yes, we are able to program radios to most anything you might already have.  Radios must be on the same frequency and privacy code to operate.  Please call us at 855-770-7194 if you are looking to match up to something specific.  Not all radios work on all frequencies.  

Which is the easiest radio to integrate with my club's radios?  This requires a conversation with our first question being what frequencies is your club using?  Find this out and give us a call and we'll help you make a great selection.  

Do you help with installation?  No, there are many variables we can't see.  Your local mechanic or anyone with experience dealing with the electrical components of your vehicle can assist you.  

Do you sell headsets and other accessories?  Yes, we offer a full line of accessories for all walkie talkies sold on our site.  

Should we buy consumer or commercial grade two way radios?  There are arguments for both but our two second answer is consumer radios are easier to operate while commercial grade radios are better built products.  Both will work and you should buy what you're most comfortable with. 

Do Offroad Walkie Talkies require a license?  This depends on the frequencies you select.  GMRS radios require a license and most commercial grade radios require a license. can assist you with licensing your two way radios.