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Two Way Radios 10 Pack

10 Pack Bundles of Motorola, Kenwood, and Midland Two Way Radios has made it easy for you to order 10 pack bundles of our most popular 2 way radios.  You'll find our most popular UHF, VHF, and Digital 2 way radios in easy to order 10 pack bundles. 10 pack bundles of Walkie Talkies always ship the same day when ordered by 11 AM EST using 2 Day Priority Mail for quick delivery. 

We Educate  .... You Decide why a 10 Pack of Two Way Radios is Right for You! 

Which is the best 10 pack of walkie talkies for me?  Budget and area of use are your two main considerations when purchasing a 10 pack of two way radios.  For Families, Youth Groups, Teams, and Scouts FRS walkie talkies are the most affordable and have plenty of features for your needs.  Businesses should consider two way radios using business frequencies for the added privacy, extended battery life, and durability.  

How many 10 pack bundles of two way radios can be used on a jobsite?  As many as you need!  We suggest multi-channel walkie talkies so you can segment users into groups.  50 people on the same talk channel would be madness.  

  • Motorola Talkabout T800, 10 Pack Motorola T800 Talkabout Two Way Radio

    Motorola T800 Talkabout Two Way Radio, 10 Pack

    Motorola T800 Talkabout Two Way Radio, 10 Pack The Motorola T800 Talkabout offers Next Generation technology to enhance your ability to communicate off the grid.  When connected to your Smart Phone via Blue Tooth, the Motorola T800 allows you to...

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  • 10 Pack of Motorola VL50 1 Watt UHF 8 Channel Two Way Radios

    Motorola VL50 10 Pack

    Motorola VL50 1 Watt 8 Channel UHF Two Way Radio - Pack of 10 The Motorola VL50 is a 1 Watt 8 Channel UHF Two Way Radio built on the very popular Motorola CLS Series product line.  Motorola VL50 walkie talkies are commonly used in Assisted Living...

    MSRP: $2,390.00
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