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Religious Organizations Use Two Way Radios For Safety, Security, and Efficiency!


Places of worship, non-profits, and ministries have been using two way radios because they are dependable and efficient.  They ensure quick communication across employees, volunteers, or security teams on site.  Two way radios also facilitate stage-to-sound booth communication in churches or major events, and help teams in a lobby relay information to leaders elsewhere on site. 

Ministries – Places of Worship

Whether you’re a thrift store, half-way house, or women’s shelter all of these locations blend aspects of retail, hospitality, and the need for protecting personnel.  Two way radios allow coordination of staff and volunteers with a seamless update of information as needed.

Places of Worship have additional uses depending on the size and dynamics of the group.  Parking teams, security teams, Sound/AV directors, and facilities managers may all incorporate two way radios to streamline their communication.  Thus, staff and volunteers may both instantly to respond to adjustments, emergencies, or updates.  The needs of various places of worship may differ widely, but the dynamic uses of a two-way radio provide a ready source for better communication in both small and large religious organizations.

The Best Two Way Radio for your Religious Organization

The best two way radio isn't the most expensive two way radio. has helped thousands of Churches and other Houses of Worship purchase the best two way radio for their need.  The Motorola CLS1410  is a great starting point for most Religious Organizations.  The Motorola CLS1410 is a 1 Watt 4 channel 2 way radio and is a perfect fit for many environments.  For further consultation or any questions regarding the best two way radio for your location, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact either of the contact buttons on this page or call us at 855-770-7194.

Resources for Religious Organizations looking to Improve Security

  • FEMA provides an in depth report on implementing a High Quality Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Alice Training Institute offers a number of Affordable Training Program for Churches and other Religious Organizations.  You'll find courses are available online and in person throughout the United States from certified Alice Training Institute Trained Instructors.  Ask us about Scholarships for Web Based ALICE Training when you purchase six or more two way radios from
  • Worship Without Worry Church Security Assessment Materials authored by Tina Lewis Rowe.  These materials are free for your Church to download and use to implement a Church Security Team.