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Two Way Radios in Healthcare

Two Way Radios in Healthcare

Hytera Healthcare Rebate

Hytera is offering two free Hytera two way radios for every 10 Hytera two way radios purchased through May 31,2020. This offer is good on all Hytera two way radio models and there is no limit on the number of free walkie talkies you can receive. In addition, Hytera Branded headsets, speaker mics, and extra batteries are available on a buy one get one free basis. This offer is open to Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilities, and Assisted Living Facilities. will provide the free two way radios with you as part of the ordering process.

Patient Care, Patient Care, Patient Care. If you’re reading this you hear those words in your sleep. We live in a world where your Patients expect faster, better, expert care while Insurance Companies are reimbursing less and Ownership Groups are demanding that more patients are seen. How does your Practice or Facility continue to provide an expert level of care while seeing more patients in the same amount of time? Productivity is the answer and two way radios are the easiest Productivity Tool to implement and start seeing the benefit of using them within 24 hours. has tremendous experience selling two way radios into the healthcare market. Whether you’re in a small Doctor’s Office, the Emergency Department at a local Hospital, or the Patient Transport Team for a whole hospital, we have the experience to help you select the right two way radio for your application, not necessarily our most expensive walkie talkies.   

You’ll see three sub-categories below: Clinic Radios, Department Radios, and Whole Hospital Radios.  We offer suggestions for which two way radios are most appropriate based on your needs.  We encourage all users in the Healthcare market us earpieces with their two way radios.  


Clinic Two Way Radios are best for Doctor’s Offices, Urgent Care, Orthopedics, Physical Therapists, and other Specialty Providers.

Departmental Two Way Radios are best used for Emergency Rooms, Maternity Wards, Outpatient Surgery Centers, and Multi-Physician Medical Centers.

Whole Hospital Two Way Radios are used by Patient Transport, Dietary, Security, Maintenance, Pharmacy, and other Specialty Departments who service the entire hospital.

It is important to note, the most expensive two way radio on our site, might not be the best two way radio for your needs. Please give us a call at 855-770-7194 and we’ll work with you on determining which two way radio is best for your needs!

Have Questions?  Give a call at 855-770-7194 or talk with us Now or Click here to chat! 


We Educate …. You Decide if Two Way Radios are Right for Healthcare Facilities

Do two way radios violate HIPPA Laws? No, people violate HIPPA laws. Best practices should be established when using two way radios to not transmit personal information via the walkie talkies and you’ll never have a HIPPA issue. 

Do two way radios adversely affect medical devices? Medical equipment is built with RF Shielding Technology to protect the equipment from outside radio frequency interference. As such our experience is you can use walkie talkies in your facility without fear of it affecting other equipment. 

Are two way radios antimicrobial? We recommend two way radios be covered with barrier film or that Providers change gloves between each patient to protect against cross contamination. Most two way radios are not antimicrobial.