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Two Way Radios in Dental Offices

Two Way Radios &  Dental Offices


Intra-office Communication has been a hot button in the Dental Industries for Years.  Maximizing the Doctor's Time is paramount to a successful practice and many tools have been designed to help keep the Doctor productive.  We talk to Practices using Light Boards, Instant Messaging, and even Pagers to keep the Doctor on the most efficient path possible.  All have benefits but limitations as well.  No tool works as well as instant, verbal communication.  In your practice, time is money and time is a commodity.  Seeing more patients is key to revenue growth and two way radios can help.  Consider these proven reasons to use two way radios in your practice.  

  • Hygienists can see 1-2 more patients daily because the wait for the Dentist is reduced
  • Practitioners see 3-4 more patients daily because they're seeing the most ready patient at the moment
  • Overall improved Productivity
  • Happier Staff  
  • Shorter Wait Times for Patients


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Most Dental Practices outfit each Hygienist, Dental Assistant, All Doctors, and the Office Staff with walkie talkies to keep everyone on the same page and Patients moving.  Headsets are required because of HIPPA Regulations and Barrier Film should be used on Push To Talk Buttons to prevent any chance of germs spreading.  You'll find there is a great selection of two way radios and headsets available to choose from that are well used and proven in your industry. has been helping Dental Practices improve intra-office communications for years.  We understand the unique needs of a Dental Practice and are happy to help you select two way radios for your practice.  Give us a call today at 855-770-7194 to learn more about how Dental Offices use walkie talkies and to learn about exclusive specials available to you!

 We Educate  .... You Decide why Dentists Should Use Two Way Radios!

Why use two way radios versus Instant Messaging?  You don't have to stop what you're doing to type a message.  The purpose of all intra-office communication systems is improve productivity.  Two Way Radios are the most efficient communication tool available to you because you simply press a button to talk.  

Are two way radios HIPPA Compliant?  No, but you are.  Patient Names, Treatment Plans, and other Confidential Information should not be transmitted via the walkie talkie.  You're discreet as you walk through your Practice already, so HIPPA Compliance isn't an issue.  

Why do we have to use Headsets?  Patients don't need to hear that a patient in the next room is ready to see the Doctor.