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License Free Business Two Way Radios

License Free Business Two Way Radios from Motorola, Midland, and Ritron

All two way radios in this category are free of the need to license the product with the Federal Communications Commission and are built to withstand the rigors of a business environment.  Additionally, all 2 way radios in this grouping do not carry warranty exclusions when used by a business.  There are license free 900 megahertz Digital, MURS, FRS, and GMRS two way radio frequencies available for businesses to use.

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What is an FCC License & why is it required for some two way radios?  FCC stands for Federal Communications Commission.  They are a regulatory agency that facilitates the use of the available frequency spectrum, granting permissions and regulations.  This is done to ensure that airplanes aren't communicating interrupted by Kids and the Police aren't being interrupted by a grocery store chain.  Most business class two way radios require an FCC license. 


What is the most secure license free walkie talkie?  Motorola DLR and Motorola DTR series two way radios offer the most secure communication.  By contrast, Midland offers the least secure business two way radios because they use FRS and GMRS frequencies.  

What are MURS frequencies?  MURS stands for Multi-Use Radio Service and are license free VHF two way radio frequencies.  MURS two way radios are always 2 watts or lower.