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Consumer Two Way Radios

Motorola & Midland FRS & GMRS Consumer Two Way Radios proudly offers Motorola and Midland Consumer Two Way Radios. Consumer two way radios have many of the same features and capabilities of business and even commercial two way radios at a fraction of the cost. The differences come in battery power, durability, and their intended use. While many businesses successfully use consumer walkie talkies, consumer two way radios are best used by Families, Scout Troops, Youth Groups, Hunters, Skiers, and other groups needing to communicate over wide areas.

FRS Two Way Radios

FRS is short for Family Radio Service as defined by the Federal Communications Commission.  FRS two way radios may be used by Families, Organizations, and Businesses without needing any License.  FRS Walkie Talkies are generally work together regardless of which manufacturer makes them.  FRS two way radios transmit at 2 Watts or below.  

GMRS Two Way Radios

GMRS Stands for General Mobile Radio Service.  GMRS two way radios require an FCC License.  The license is $70 and is valid for 10 years.  GMRS walkie talkies transmit at 5 Watts or below.  GMRS two way radios have better range than FRS two way radios and may be repeater compatible giving you extended range.      

Please note, both FRS and GMRS walkie talkies might not be able to be used in foreign countries due to frequency regulations there.

Have Questions?  Give a call at 855-770-7194 or Chat with us to learn more! is a leading supplier of both FRS and GMRS two way radios in the United States. We’ve helped thousands of customers determine the best two way radio for their specific need. We’ll help you pick the best two way radio for you and won’t try to sell you the most expensive walkie talkie in our building. Have some questions about walkie talkies, give us a call at 855-770-7194.

Motorola FRS & GMRS Two Way Radios

Motorola is the World's Leading Manufacturer of two way radios.  Motorola makes FRS & GMRS walkie talkies for consumers and small businesses.  Motorola also makes Professional Grade two way radios used by the Military and our Nation's First Responders.  With over 80 years experience, Motorola makes some of the best FRS & GMRS walkie talkies available for sale.  

Midland FRS & GMRS Two Way Radios

Midland was the first manufacturer of FRS & GMRS walkie talkies in the United States.  For over 50 years, Midland  has been introducing some of the most popular FRS & GMRS two way radios we sell.  Midland offers some of the most feature rich walkie talkies with the best warranty in the industry. operates out of our distribution center in Greer, SC. Your two way radio order will ship directly from our facility, not some third party. Your walkie talkie order typically ships the same day and most orders arrive within 2 business days.

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We Educate  .... You Decide if a Consumer Two Way Radio is Right For You!

What are the key differences between business and consumer two way radios?  Consumer two way radios are traditionally more affordable than business two way radios.  Consumer two way radios tend to come in two packs with a shared charging tray whereas business walkie talkies are almost always packaged individually.  Business two way radios are often built to meet or exceed US Military Specifications for durability while consumer two way radios are rarely built this durable.  Business two way radios also mostly use frequencies set aside by the Federal Communications Commission for use by businesses.  Consumer FRS walkie talkies never need to be licensed for use while GMRS two way radios require an individual license.  

Can we use GMRS two way radios in our business?  FCC Regulations do not allow for GMRS two way radios to be used in a business environment.  FRS two way radios can be used in a business environment.  

Will using an FRS or GMRS two way radio in a business environment void the warranty?  Motorola will not honor the warranty if a consumer two way radio is used in a business environment.  Midland will not honor the warranty if a unit shows signs of extreme use or abuse.  Both will honor the warranty if the unit as a known factory defect.  

Are consumer and business two way radios really different?  The short answer is no, they're both just walkie talkies.  Consumer two way radios tend to have more cool features like flashlights, fm transistor radios, and call tones.  Business two way radios tend to have larger batteries and have less features because they're used for business purposes.  There are different frequencies in each type of radio and different FCC regulations to consider but again, they're both walkie talkies.  Let us help you find the best two way radio for your needs and at your budget!  We're glad to help.  Give us a call at 855-770-7194 or click the link below to chat!