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Two Way Radios in Restaurants

Two Way Radios used by Restaurants



Tables are a commodity and turning tables is key to the success of any restaurant.  More table turns equates to more sales transactions, which equates to more profit.  Motorola two way radios offer an effective solution to help your Staff acheive more table turns each and every day.  Consider the following scenarios and how Motorola two way radios will improve the experience.  

  • Reduce Wait Times:  Two way radios allow Bussers to Communicate with the Host Stand reducing the time tables are empty.  Effectively turning tables can increase the total number of tables sat daily by 25%.  
  • Correct Mistakes:  Customer plates aren't correct 100% of the time.  Customers get angry when they're watching the rest of the table eating while they wait on the kitchen.  Using two way radios, you can notify the kitchen of the problem faster and expedite the correct item getting back to the table.  
  • Stocking the Bar:  Managers typically have to stock the bar.  Ensuring the Bar isn't without the proper Spirits is vital to a successful bar.  Allowing the Bar Tender to communicate directly with the Manager eliminates the time needed to locate the Manager to get the replacement bottle on the way.  

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Two Way Radios are simply a Power Tool that talks, enabling your Staff the opportunity to improve communication and increase the bottom line.  Give a call today to learn more about how restaurants use two way radios to improve the bottom line!

The most popular two way radio in the restaurant industry today is the Motorola CLS1110 two way radio used with aMotorola HKLN4604 headset.  The Motorola CLP1010 two way radio comes in a close second.