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Top Selling Two Way Radios for Restaurants

Two Way Radios are a proven resource for Restaurants.  Restaurants use walkie talkies to improve communication, reduce service times, and enhance the guest experience.  This category consists of the three most popular two way radio bundles we sell to restaurants.  

We Educate .... You Decide ... if Two Way Radios are Right for Your Restaurant!

What is the number one reason restaurants use two way radios?  Improving profitabilty.  Two way radios improve communication which results in tables being turned faster, quality issues being addressed promptly, and allows for multi-tasking.  

How powerful of a two way radio does my restaurant need?  With very few exceptions, any two way radio will work well in a restaurant environment.  

Which walkie talkie is best for my restaurant?  The Motorola CLS1110 is the most popular two way radio for restaurants.  The HYT TC-320 is the best value while the Midland LXT600BBX4 is the most affordable.  All three will work and all three have excellent warranties.  Most importantly, alll three manufacturers will tell you while their radio is better than the competitors radios.  You'll be fine with whatever you choose.