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Two Way Radios in Churches

Churches use Two Way Radios for Security, Sound & Ministry Coordination is the best Resource for Two Way Radios In America!  We've helped thousands of Churches with their communication needs and we'd love to help you!  We've been featured on The Church Safety Guys Podcast and numerous other Church Safety Resources.  Radios are confusing, often expensive, and a necessity for your church.  Give us a call at 855-770-7194, Chat with Us, Or Text us and we'll help you make informed decisions for your campus!  

Two way radios are a proven, effective tool for Churches in multiple ministries.  We don't have to tell you there's more involved in a worship service than the message.  Children, Parking, Sound, Security, and Worship Center Seating all require almost simultaneous coordination among key Leadership.  Each of these ministry areas have unique needs, different volunteers, and time is always short.  Walkie Talkies offer each of your Ministry Areas the ability to instantly communicate among themselves to facilitate ministry opportunities.  

Much of the interest we receive today is from Churches looking for two way radios center around Security and wanting to ensure the safety of the congregation.  Worship Security Teams are being formed by Churches to help mitigate the risk of an active security risk on campus.  Security risks requiring immediate attention include Parents involved in Custodial Issues, Verbal Confrontations, and Active Shooters.  While there is little you can do to prevent an incident from occurring, two way radios allow for instant communication to help defer, prevent, neutralize, or respond should an incident occur. encourages all Churches to purchase two way radios to help protect your congregation.  Call us today at 855-770-7194 to inquire about special pricing we make available to Churches for this vital need.  Additional resources are available to churches looking for assistance creating security teams on our blog and at the bottom of this page.  

Two Way Radios are vital for security and hugely beneficial for other areas of your Ministry Effort.  Every Volunteer using a two way radio becomes a part of your Security Team because they're aware and they can communicate instantly.  Enough about security...  Your Parking Team will be more efficient and faster getting Families in and out of the parking lot between services using walkie talkies.  Your Children's Ministry can move Volunteers around based on immediate needs and watch over the Children more effectively using walkie talkies.  Your AV Team will complete sound checks and run smoother services communicating with 2 way radios.  Ushers get guests to their seats faster and with less disorganization.  Two way radios simply help your volunteers facilitate the activities around the service happen.  

We believe two way radios are an effective ministry tool and a must need for churches of all sizes.  Two people communicating via walkie talkie are more effective than 4 working silently.  Two Way Radios help all your ministries run better and are absolutely invaluable should your church ever find itself in a situation that requires Law Enforcement assistance.  

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Top Three Two Way Radio Packages for Small & Medium Size Churches

GoodMidland LXT600BBX4 - Single Channel, Most Affordable, Great Starter Walkie Talkie System

BetterMotorola CLS1410 - Excellent Audio Quality, 4 Talk Channels, Motorola's Best Selling Radio  

Best:  Motorola DLR1020 - 2 Channels, Digital Audio Quality, Private Reply Feature

Over the Top Good:  Motorola DLR110 10 Channels, Digital Audio, Noise Suppression, Private Reply 

Game ChangingMotorola Wave TLK 25 Wearable Communication Device

Top Three Two Way Radio Packages for Large Churches (3 or more buildings on Campus)

Good:  Motorola CP100d Analog Two Way Radio - 16 Channels, Easy to Use, 8 Hour Battery

Better:  Kenwood TK-3000 - 16 Channels, Excellent Audio Quality, 10 Hour Battery

Best:  Hytera PD402 - 48 Channels, Digital Quality Sound, 16 Hour Battery 

Game ChangingMotorola Wave TLK 25 Wearable Communication Device

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Add the book "Active Shooter Mitigation" for free by mentioning the free book over the phone or in the Notes Section when placing your order.  


We Educate  ....  You Decide if Two Way Radios are Right for your Church

Our Church has multiple services and has trouble getting the parking lot and sanctuary clear between services.  Parking Attendants use two way radios to communicate where empty spots are located to reduce cars from going from isle to isle.  In large parking lots, two way radios are also used to dispatch golf carts to bring guests to the building.  Inside the sanctuary, Users communicating ensure everyone is on the same page getting congregants sat more efficiently.  

We had an non-custodial parent demand their child and it created a confrontation.  This is the most common security risk facing Churches today and one where two way radios are an asset.  Using two way radios, getting Security Volunteers in position to end the confrontation and keep the child from being taken off campus happens instantly.  

We are implementing a Worship Security Team to protect against active shooters.  You're on the right path and walkie talkies should be the first tool purchased for the Security Team.  Identifying the threat, responding in a way that protects as many people as possible, and neutralizing the threat are all equally important.  Having your Security Team in a position to immediately communicate helps them make the best decisions possible.  

What is the best two way radio to use for our Church?  Our best walkie talkie isn't the best 2 way radio for every church because every church is different.  The size of your buildings, the size of your campus, budget, and areas of ministry focus will all impact which is the best two way radio for you. encourages you to call us so we can learn more about your specific needs and we'll make suggestions about the best walkie talkie for your needs and it probably won't be the most expensive 2 way radio we sell.  You will find the most popular two way radios we sell to Churches listed below.  

You seem to know a lot about two way radios for churches, why?  My Church uses the Motorola CLS1410 and has over 100 of them in use on multiple campuses so I see them in action almost every week.  As a believer in Jesus, it is a responsibility to help spread the Gospel.  Making two way radios available to Churches and giving ideas on how to use these powerful little tools to make Ministry happen is just one small thing I can do.  Give us a call today at 855-770-7194 and we'll be happy to help you with your two way radios needs!

Do you offer special discounts for Churches needing two way radios?  Yes, we offer special pricing for Churches needing two way radios.  Please call us at 855-770-7194 to learn more about our special offers. 

We are in a different State than, why should we use your services?  2 way radios are an important investment for you and your Church.  You can buy walkie talkies for $39 per pair and you can find them for $2K.  They're both good walkie talkies but neither may be the best 2 way radio for your church.  We are experts, but more importantly, we are a Christian owned business.  Our Mission is to help others lead Non-Believers to Christ.  Providing you with the best two way radio equipment for your needs affordably, while sharing best practices about how other Churches use walkie talkies is a win for both of us!   

Resources for Churches Implementing Worship Security Teams


  • FEMA provides an in depth report on implementing a High Quality Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Church Security Checklist for churches just starting a Security Ministry 
  • Alice Training Institute offers a number of Affordable Training Program for Churches and other Religious Organizations.  You'll find courses are available online and in person throughout the United States from certified Alice Training Institute Trained Instructors.  Ask us about Scholarships for Web Based ALICE Training when you purchase six or more two way radios from
  • Worship Without Worry Church Security Assessment Materials authored by Tina Lewis Rowe.  These materials are free for your Church to download and use to implement a Church Security Team. 
  • In Texas, First Defense Solutions is an excellent resource to consider when implementing a Church Safety Plan.  
  • Full Armor Church, based in Central Florida is a resource for Churches needing to implement a Security Team, Security Plans, and offers Security Training.  
  • Hedge Protection Ministries, based in Port Neches, Texas is another excellent resource for Churches implementing security teams via books. video, podcasts, and live training.  
  • FEMA offers grants to Churches to enhance security.  In 2018 $60M was awarded to Churches, Synagogues, and other Religious Institutions.  While two way radios aren't an eligible expense, applying for a Grant can significantly increase the capacity of your Security Ministry.  
  • The Church Safety Guys is an excellent online resource for those involved in protecting Churches.  These guys offer training and expert knowledge for Church Volunteers and Staff alike.