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Vertex Standard VX-451/454/459 Series Accessories

Vertex Standard VX-451, VX-454, and VX-459 Series Two Way Radio Accessories

Vertex Standard offers a wide variety of accessories including batteries, belt clips, chargers, programming cables, headsets, and more for the VX-450 Series Vertex Standard two way radios.  Vertex Standard two-way radios in the series includes the VX-451, VX-454, and VX-459.

  • Vertex Standard CT-106 Programming Pigtail

    Motorola CT-106

    Motorola CT-106 Programming Pig Tail The Motorola CT-106 programming pigtail is used to program a number of Motorola and Vertex Standard two way radios.  The CT-106 programming cable by Motorola must also be used with either the Motorola FIF-12 or...

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  • Motorola MH-360S Compact Speaker Mic

    Motorola MH-360S

    Motorola MH-360S AAF52X501 Compact Speaker Mic The Motorola MH-360S is our most compact speaker mic for Motorola VX Series Two Way Radios.  Motorola also calls this the Motorola AAF52X501.  The Motorola MH-360S is also compatible with...

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  • Motorola MH-450S AAF53X501 Shoulder Microphone

    Motorola MH-450S Medium Duty Speaker Mic

    Motorola MH-450S AAF53X501 Shoulder Microphone - Direct Replacement for the Vertex Standard MH-450S The Motorola MH-450S AAF53X501 medium duty remote speaker mic is one of our best selling audio accessories for select Motorola and Vertex...

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  • Motorola MH-45B4B Heavy Duty Shoulder Microphone

    Motorola MH-45B4B

    Motorola A13960507 MH-45B4B Noise Canceling Speaker Mic The Motorola MH-45B4B heavy duty remote speaker mic is the most popular rugged audio accessory for Motorola EVX and VX series two way radios.  Motorola's MH-45B4B remote mic can conveniently...

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  • Motorola MH-66A4B AAE46X507  Waterproof Shoulder Mic

    Motorola MH-66A4B

    Motorola MH-66A4B AAE46X507 Remote Speaker Mic Motorola MH-66A4B remote speaker mic is compatible with the Motorola VX-450 and EVX-530 Series two way radios which are rated as IP57 waterproof.  The Motorola MH-66A4B is also compatible with...

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  • Motorola VX-45 Series Programming Cables

    Motorola VX-450 Programming Kit

    Motorola VX-450 Series Two Way Radio Programming Kit Motorola VX-450 Series Two Way Radios are programmed via Computer Programming Software and Programming Cables.  Your purchase includes the programming cables needed to connect your Motorola VX-450...

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  • P3500V D-Ring Headset

    P3500V by Two Way Radio Center

    Our P3500V D-Ring Style Headset is lightweight and comfortable.  You will receive three removable ear clips with your P3500V headset.  The clips come in small, medium, and large for your comfort.  The P3500V headset is compatible with...

    $44.99 $28.99
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  • P4500V Headset fits select Motorola and Vertex Standard two way radios

    P4500V by

    P4500V Motorola & Vertex Standard Compatible Headset Our P4500V Headset is an earbud style headset with an integrated earloop for added comfort.  With a convenient inline push-to-talk switch the P4500V provides private communication in comfort...

    $34.99 $19.95
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  • SALE
    Ear Insert for Motorola and Vertex Standard Surveillance Headsets

    S9500 Combo Pack

    S9500 Ear Inserts for Surveillance Style Headsets S9500 Ear Inserts work in conjunction with any of our surveillance style headsets for added comfort.  This combo pack includes three inserts of various sizes to ensure the inserts fit your ear...

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  • S9500V Single Wire Surveillance Headset for Vertex Standard two way radios

    S9500V by Two Way Radio Center

    S9500V Single Wire Surveillance Earpiece for Motorola and Vertex Standard Two Way Radios The S9500V surveillance style earpiece has an inline push-to-talk button for discrete communication.  The S9500V earpiece fits in the ear securely and...

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  • TWC6ML-45 Multi charger for Vertex Standard two way radios

    TWC6ML-45 by Two Way Radio Center

    The TWC6ML-45 Multi-Charger is compatible with Vertex Standard VX-450 Series two way radios and allows you to quickly charge six radios using one 120 volt outlet.  The TWC6ML-45 six radio charger is compatible with the following Vertex Standard two...

    $349.00 $299.00
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  • TWC6ML-UNI Universal Multi Charger for Vertex Standard two way radios

    TWC6ML-UNI by Two Way Radio Center

    The TWC6ML-UNI universal rapid six unit charger works with Vertex Standard's new universal batteries.  With the TWC6ML-UNI universal multi charger you can have multiple Vertex Standard series 2 way radios work with the same charger. This simplifies...

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