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Motorola Curve

Motorola Curve Digital Two Way Radio

The Motorola Curve is a 1 Watt 10 Channel Digital Two Way Radio using license free 900 mhz ISM frequencies to provide a superior two way radio experience.  Motorola Curve two way radios can be connected to the Internet to provide some advanced features not available in traditional two way radios. 

Key Features of Motorola Curve Two Way Radios Include:

  • 10 Talk Channels
  • Up to 16 Hours of Battery Life Per Charge
  • Fully Compatible with Motorola DLR & Motorola DTR Series Two Way Radios
  • Communicate to Specific Radios via Motorola subscription Service 
  • Built to Exceed Military Specifications for Durability & Water Resistance
  • Quick 4 Hour Charge Time
  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty