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Motorola CLP1010

Motorola CLP1010 1 Watt UHF Two Way Radio with Headset

The Motorola CLP1010 two way radio is a whole new way to two way.  This new state of the art two way radio was created for Motorola specifically for the Retail, Restaurant, Healthcare, and Pet Care markets.  These customers typically require small, compact radios and utilize headsets for private communication.  The Motorola CLP1010 two way radio is small, compact, and lightweight and can only be used with an integrated headset. The Motorola CLP1010 two way radio is lightweight, weighing less than 3 ounces and offers crisp, clear audio. 

Key features of the Motorola CLP1010 two way radio include:

  • One Channel
  • Up to 24 hours of battery life
  • 1 Watt of Power
  • 90 UHF selectable frequencies to ensure private communication

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CLP User Guide

Your Motorola CLP1010 two way radio will ship with the following:

The Motorola CLP1010 two way radio is protected by a two year full replacement warranty from Motorola. 

Motorola CLP1010 Portable Two Way Radio Users Include:

The Motorola CLP1010 two way radio is ideal for wedding coordinators and other special events.  This sleek, compact two way radio is very light and easy to wear.  The Motorola CLP1010 2 way radio can be worn discretely.  Event coordination requires reliable, discrete communication across the event space.  When it comes to your customer’s special occasion they are relying on their coordinators to take care of the details and minimize their stress.  With the CLP1010 by Motorola your team can stay in constant communication.  The comfort swivel earpiece which comes with each Motorola CLP1010 two-way radio allows for private conversations in intimate settings.  If you require additional channels the Motorola CLP1040 four channel two way radio is an option as well as the Motorola CLP1060 six channel two radio with Bluetooth earpiece.

The Motorola CLP1010 two way radio is the perfect two way radio for boutique shops and other small retail locations.  The sleek and sophisticated look of the Motorola CLP1010 two-way radio combined with the ease of use has made it one of the most popular two way radios for retail.  Each Motorola CLP1010 2 way radio comes with a comfort swivel earpiece for private and discrete communication throughout the store.  Boutique stores and shops rely on providing a high level of customer service to their customers to ensure they become return customers.  Quickly respond to customers’ stock questions by calling for assistance with the CLP1010 by Motorola.  Using the Motorola CLP1010 two way radio you can quickly call for additional assistance at the counter and other key sections without having to shout in the store or use a loud speaker system.  The Motorola CLP1010 two-way radio comes with the battery, belt clip, charger, earpiece and one year replacement warranty; everything you need for reliable communication throughout your store.

Motorola CLP1010 two way radios are ideal for veterinary hospitals, animal hospitals, and kennels.  All staff members are just a press of a button away.  The receptionist can quickly and discretely let the veterinary technician know when an animal is ready in an exam room by using the Motorola CLP1010 two way radio.  Once the veterinary technician completes the initial exam and testing the veterinarian can be informed immediately by using the Motorola CLP1010 two-way radio.  The veterinarian can call staff members to obtain prescriptions, specialized food, or any other supplies immediately.  Loving animal owners can be more anxious over their pets’ examination than their pet!  By using Motorola CLP1010 2 way radios in your animal hospital pet owners can see how valuable you consider their time, that staff members are in constant communication in case of emergency, and that their beloved pets are in good hands.  

Optional Accessories for the Motorola CLP1010:

The Motorola HKKN4027 two way radio programming cable can be used to customize your Motorola CLP Series two way radios using computer programming software.  Custom frequencies, privacy codes, audio settings and more can be customized using the special USB programming cable.  Motorola's HKKN4027 is the direct replacement for the discontinued Motorola HKKN4025 CLP programming cable.

The Motorola HKPN4007 six two-way radio charger allows for up to six CLP Series two way radios to be charged at one time.  You can also clone the CLP Series two way radios using this multi radio charger.  

The Motorola HKLN4433 CLP two way radio magnetic belt clip is an optional carrying solution for the CLP Series two way radios.  The CLP Series two way radio can conveniently be attached to clothing for easy access.

The Motorola HKLN4487 CLP two-way radio surveillance style earpiece is an optional earpiece for the CLP Series two way radios.  The S9500 Combo Kit can be worn for additional comfort.

Programming the Motorola CLP Series Radios Video

We Educate... You Decide if the Motorola CLP1010 is Right For You!

Are the Motorola CLP1010 two way radios right for me? The Motorola CLP1010 2 way radio is designed for the Retail, Healthcare, Restaurant, and Pet Care markets and requires the use of a headset as the Motorola CLP1010 doesn’t have an integrated speaker. 

Why doesn’t the Motorola CLP1010 two-way radio have a speaker?  Motorola designed the Motorola CLP1010 walkie talkies for customers who traditionally use headsets to ensure private communication.  As a result, a speaker wasn’t added to the radio resulting in a much smaller device.   

Is the Motorola CLP1010 a better two-way radio than the Motorola CLS1110.?  No.  The Motorola CLS1110 and the Motorola CLP1010 two-way radios are related products.  The Motorola CLS1110 two-way radio does not require the use of a headset.  The Motorola CLP1010 two way radio is lighter and has more frequencies integrated into it.    

How much distance with the Motorola CLP1010 two way radio cover? The Motorola CLP1010 two way radios will work in a building the size of a typical grocery store as well as covering its parking lot. Additionally, think of a 16 screen movie theater complex; the CLP1010 works well there too. Motorola CLP1010 portable two way radios are not rated to go for miles, it is simply a jobsite two way radio. Motorola CLP1010 two-way radios do not work well for multi-campus facilities.

Is the CLP1010 Bluetooth Comptiable?  No, the Motorola CLP1010 is not bluetooth compatible.  The Motorola CLP1060 two way radio is bluetooth compatible. 

Does the Motorola CLP1010 Require an FCC License?  Yes, the Motorola CLP1010 does require an FCC license. can assist you with obtaining an FCC license should you need to do so.  

Examples of the Motorola CLP1010 Two Way Radio Uses:

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