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Motorola CLP Series User Guide Use this guide for the Motorola CLP1010, CLP1040, & CLP1060.

Motorola CLP Bluetooth Pairing Instructions.  Bluetooth is only compatible with Motorola CLP1060 two way radios.

Motorola CLS Series User Guide.  For use with Motorola CLS1110 and CLS1410 two way radios.

Motorola DTR Series User Guide.  For use with Motorola DTR410, DTR550, and DTR650 series two way radios. 

Motorola RDM Series User Guide.  For use with Motorola RDM2020 and RDM2080 MURS two way radios.

Motorola RDX Series NonDisplay User Guide.  For use with Motorola RDV2020, RDU2020, RDU4100, and RDU4100 two way radios.

Motorola RDX Series Display User Guide.  For use with Motorola RDU208d, RDV2080d, and RDU4160d two way radios.

Motorola RMU2040 and RMM2050 User Guide.  For use with Motorola RMU2040 and RMV2050 two way radios. 

Motorola RMU2080 & RMV2080 User Guide.  For use with Motorola RMU2080 and RMV2080 two way radios.

Motorola RMU2080D User Guide.  For use with the Motorola RMU2080D two way radio.  

Motorola RM Series Quick Reference Guide.  For use with all Motorola RM Series two way radios. 


Motorola Spec Sheets with MSRP

Motorola CLP1010 Spec Sheet

Motorola CLP1040 Spec Sheet

Motorola CLP1060 Spec Sheet

Motorola CLP Series Descriptive Spec Sheet

Motorola CLS1110 Spec Sheet

Motorola CLS1410 Spec Sheet

Motorola DTR410 Spec Sheet

Motorola DTR550 Spec Sheet

Motorola RM Series Spec Sheet Motorola

RDM2020 & Motorola RDM2080d Spec Sheet

Motorola RDU2020 & Motorola RDU2080d Spec Sheet

Motorola RDU2020 Motorola RDV2020 Descriptive Spec Sheet

Motorola RDU4100 Spec Sheet

Motorola RDV2020 & Motorola RDV2080d Spec Sheet

Motorola RDV5100 Spec Sheet

Motorola RMM2050 Spec Sheet

Motorola RMU2040 Spec Sheet

Motorola RMU2080 Spec Sheet

Motorola RMU2080D Spec Sheet

Motorola RMV2080 Spec Sheet

Vertex Standard Spec Sheets

Vertex Standard eVerge EVX-530/EVX-531/EVX-534/EVX-539 Spec Sheet

Vertex Standard eVerge EVX5300/EVX5400 Spec Sheet 

Vertex Standard EVX-R70 Spec Sheet

Vertex Standard VXD-720 Spec Sheet

Vertex Standard VX-2100/VX-2200 Spec Sheet 

Vertex Standard VX-231 Spec Sheet

Vertex Standard VX-351/VX-354 Spec Sheet

Vertex Standard VX-451/VX-454/VX-459 Spec Sheet 

Motorola Programming Software

Motorola DLR Series Two Way Radio Programming Software