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Two Way Radios Used in Retail Stores provides expert advice and solutions to Retailers looking to increase staff productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce shrinkage.  Motorola two way radios are a cost effective solution which keeps you communicating with your team.

Key Uses for Motorola two way radios in the retail environment include:

Solution Selling.  Identify profitable customers as they enter the store and direct an associate to help them according to need.  A leading Retailer uses Motorola two way radios to identify whether a customer is entering the store to purchase a computer or a pen.  If a computer is on the list a Computer Expert meets said customer in the computer aisle and increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Loss Prevention.  The old adage says you “can’t outrun the radio.”  Outfitting your team with Motorola two way radios increases the awareness level in your store.  Identifying suspicious behavior and dispatching a watchful eye reduces the likelihood a theft will occur.

Training.  Turnover is great and your customers get agitated when new Hires can’t provide the information they need or want in a timely manner.  Outfitting your New Hires with Motorola two way radios gives them a power tool to help them do their job faster and immediately.  Managers and other personnel can help your new Hires help your customers immediately.

Team Work.
  One leading Retailer tells us Motorola two way radios become an even more vital tool during retails slower seasons.  One Department is empty and another has 4 people waiting in line to cash out.  Your Team can dispatch help for themselves immediately using Motorola two way radios.  You’ll find your Employees learn to embrace Motorola two way radios because the product helps them help themselves.

Speed of Service.  Customers want attention and they want it immediately.  It doesn’t do any good to know a product is on the shelf at the back of the store if they can’t quickly retrieve it.  Team members using Motorola two way radios can identify if the product is in the back of the store and have a Stock Clerk pull it and meet the customer at the front of the store.

Retailers of all sizes benefit from using Motorola two way radios in their operation.  Motorola two way radios are than power tools that talk.  Contact us today to learn more about Motorola two way radios and how we can help you increase your productivity and profitability.  Motorola CLS1110 and Motorola CLP1010 two way radios are the industry standard for retailers.