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Motorola Body Cameras

Motorola Body Cameras

Motorola Body Cameras are a new and emergent video surveillance technology being used across industries to create video evidence as needed. Body Cameras can be integrated with your existing camera system or can be managed independently using Motorola VideoManager Software. Motorola Body Cameras are designed to enhance the effectiveness of your Safety Teams and are proven to help deescalate strenuous situations. Implementing Motorola Body Cameras into your environment improves safety, provides accountability, and, provides a undisputable recording of events.

Motorola offers several Body Cameras to choose from depending your specific needs. The Motorola VT-100 Body Camera is the size of an ID Badge and is an excellent option for Churchs, Schools, Retai Stores, Night Clubs, and other environments where video evidence provides 100% accurate recollection of an event. The Motorola VB-400 Body Camera is a more advanced camera designed for Security Officers, Tow Truck Drivers, Delivery Agents, and others where video evidence would be beneficial.

Motorola Body Cameras are self contained video recorders securly capturing video of an event once activated by the wearer. Once activated, Motorola Body Camera will continuously record the event until the User deactivates the camera or the battery runs dead, whichever occurs first. Video may not be viewed directly on the camera. Motorola VideoManager software can be used to livestream the video to a control station and to later download the video for viewing. can assist you with designing and implementing a Motorola Solutions Body Camera system for your business. Give us a call today at 855-770-7194 and lets get started!

We Educate .... You Decide if a Motorola Body Camera is Right For You!

Do I have to buy anything else to use a Motorola Body Camera?  Perhaps. Motorola requires a license per camera in use to the Motorola VideoManager Software Plaftorm. Some users will keep spare cameras or have enough cameras for a fresh camera to be used every shift. You'll have to have software licenses for every camera that's on and recording. can assist you with determining the appropriate amount of licenses based on your needs as well as securing those needed licenses.  

How many Motorola Solutions Body Cameras are required for use?  You can start with just one Body Camera.

Can a Motorola Body Camera be activated remotely? No, Motorola Body Cameras are not activated remotely. The Motorola VB400 can be activated via a different actions like being removed from a holster. can work with you on unique needs.

What is the difference between these cameras and cameras we find on Amazon? Motorola Solutions Body Cameras are designed to securly record and save event transaction. Users are not able to manipulate or delete data they might determine is unflattering.

What else do we need to start using Motorola Body Cameras? At a minimum, you need one Motorola Body Camera, a docking station, and one Motorola VideoManager License (renewed yearly). There are other accessories available to compliment the cameras for your business.

Our Company doesn't want to use software as a service for viewing videos. Does Motorola Solutions have an option for us? Yes, please call about the Server Version of the Motorola VideoManager Software.

Do we have to have an IT Manager to install and use Motorola Body Cameras? No, installation is simple and can assist with the implementation of your body cameras.

What is the difference between these body cameras and the body cameras worn by law enforcement officers? Motorola Solutions has designed these body cameras with much of the same functionality found in the body cameras designed for public safety users. These body cameras are more advanced than consumer body cameras found online. You'll find the durability and useablility of Motorola Solutions Body Cameras are designed to meet the demands of your business.

How much do Motorola Body Cameras cost?  Motorola Solutions does not allow the pricing on body cameras to be published online.  Please give a call at 855-770-7194 and we'll help you design and implement the right Body Camera Solution for your business!

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