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CLS Charging Accessories

Charging Accessories for Motorola CLS Series Two Way Radios

If you have a Motorola CLS1110, a Motorola CLS1410, a Motorola CLS1450, or a Motorola VL50 Series Two Way Radio and are looking for a replacement charging tray or a multi unit charging tray, you're in the right place.  The products in this category are Motorola Original Equipment and are designed specifically for these Motorola walkie talkie models.  

  • Motorola SNN5571 CLS Series Replacement Battery

    Motorola SNN5571

    Motorola SNN5571 CLS Series Replacement Lithium Ion Battery The Motorola SNN5571 is the replacement battery for the Motorola CLS1110, CLS1410, CLS1810, CLS1000, CLS1450, and the Motorola VL50.  This Lithium Ion battery lasts up to 12 hours between...

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  • Motorola PMNN4497 CLS Series Li Ion Rechargeable Battery

    Motorola PMNN4497

    Motorola PMNN4497 CLS Series Lithium Ion Battery Buy 6 or more Motorola PMNN4497 CLS Series Lithium Ion Batteries and save 5%.  The discount will automatically be applied to the purchase price.   The Motorola PMNN4497 CLS Series...

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  • Motorola 56553 CLS Series Replacement Charging Tray

    Motorola 56553

    Motorola 56553 CLS Series Two Way Radio Single Unit Charging Tray  The Motorola 56553 CLS Series Single Unit Charging Tray has been replaced by the Motorola PMPN4529.  The Motorola PMPN4529 will be sent instead of the Motorola 56553 should you...

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    Motorola 56531 CLS Six Unit Charging Station

    Motorola 56531 / HCTN4002A

    Motorola 56531 CLS Series Multi-Unit Charger The Motorola 56531 is a six slot charging station that can also act to clone features from one radio to another.  The Motorola 56531 multi-unit charger by Motorola will charge six CLS series...

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