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Hytera Halo


Hytera Halo Nationwide Group Communications Solution

The Hytera Halo Nationwide Group Communications Solution is a Powerful Dispatch Software Application used with Hytera PNC370 Series Two Way Radios to provide real time GPS tracking and instant communication with your Team.  Using Hytera's Halo Application you can communicate with your Team via your Computer.  Hytera Halo access requires a monthly service fee.  

Key Benefits of Using Hytera Halo Software

Complete Dispatch Solution  ... Manage all two way radio users from one Screen

Initiate Private, Group, and All Call Transmissions from your Computer

Real Time GPS - Know where every radio is all the time

We Educate .... You Decide if the Hytera Halo Dispatch Application is Right for You!

We operate a fleet of buses for our After School Program and are looking for a way to track and speak to the vehicles.  Is this a good solution?  The Hytera Halo, used with Hytera PNC370 Series Two Way Radios is an excellent solution to communicate with Drivers while also being able to see exactly where they are while on the road.  

How expensive is the Hytera Halo Dispatch Software?  The subscription fee is annual and is charged per terminal (computers it is loaded on).  Subscriptions can be paid bi-annually or annually.  Hytera Halo Dispatch Software is billed annually.  The first year is $999, each additional year is $599.00.  

What does the Hytera Dispatch Software Subscription cover?  Your initial start up kit will include a desktop microphone and the software.  The subscription allows you to monitor all Hytera PNC370's in your fleet, allows you to communicate with the fleet, disable units, and track them via GPS.  Software upgrades are also included in the price.  


Is the Hytera Halo system hard to use?  No, the software is very user intuitive.  You should be up and running within 15 minutes or so.      

Can I get a demonstration of the software and Hytera PNC370 series two way radios?  Yes, please call at 855-770-7194 for assistance.  

Hytera HALO Dispatch Communications Software