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Kenwood Two Way Radios for Dental Offices

Best Kenwood Two Way Radios for Dentistry

Two Way Radios are an excellent productivity tool for all types of Dentistry Offices. Two way radios benefit all areas of practice within the Dental Industry and are a power tool you should consider. Two way radios are the most effective and easiest to use communication tool for use in your practice. No learning, no combination codes, you don’t even step away from your patient to effectively communicate within your office. To learn more about how the Dental Industry uses two way radios, please see our questions and answers at the bottom of this page?

Kenwood two way radios offers the best walkie talkies for the dental market today. You’ll find Kenwood products, are compact, super easy to use, and have outstanding audio quality while offering plenty of battery life and range. Kenwood’s two way radio offerings for the dental market are small, lightweight, and easy to carry. Plus, Kenwood’s walkie talkies have multiple talk channels making it easy for multiple practitioners in the same Office to use the radios without interference from each other.

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Kenwood offers three models for the Dental Industry: Kenwood PKT-23, Kenwood XLS TK-3230, and Kenwood NX-P500 Series Two Way Radios. All three of these walkie talkies are well equipped for your Dental Practice, while offering some specific benefits which are outlined below. Headsets should always be worn within your practice to protect against incidental HIPPA violations. Most practices use a C Ring Headset or a Surveillance Style Earpiece. While the style is the same, each of these three radios have unique connection points so the headsets are specific to the radios.

Kenwood PKT-23 1.5 Watt UHF Two Way Radio 

Kenwood PKT-23 Two Way Radios are the smallest business two way radio for sale in the United States today. The PKT-23 is a 1.5 Watt two way radio and has 4 talk channels. This is a great walkie talkie for smaller practices with 3 or less Doctors on Staff. The PKT-23 comes with everything needed for use including a 15 hour lithium ion battery, belt clip, and a drop in charging tray. Multiple headsets are available with the PKT-23.

Kenwood XLS TK-3230 1.5 Watt UHF Two Way Radio 

Kenwood XLS TK-320 is the most popular two way radio in the Dental Community. The TK-3230 is a 1.5 Watt two way radio with 6 talk channels. Kenwood TK-3230’s are ideal for any size practice and comes with everything needed for use including an 18 hour lithium ion battery. Don’t forget to select a headset with your Kenwood TK-3230 two way radio.

Kenwood NX-P500 UHF Digital Walkie Talkie 

Kenwood NX-P500 is the newest two way radio offered to the Dental Community. The NX-P500 is a digital two way radio and is waterproof. Digital walkie talkies offer crystal clear sound and outstanding battery life. The Kenwood NX-P500 is a six channel two way radio and is the best of the three Kenwood two way radios offered due to its size, durability, and advanced talk features. Kenwood NX-P500 two way radios can be programmed to talk to individuals individually and groups.

We Educate …. You Decide which is the Best Kenwood Two Way Radio for your Practice!

Why does the Dental Industry use Two Way Radios? The simplest answer is Dental Offices benefit from the increased productivity two way radios offer. No light boards to learn, no typing of a message, you simply push the button to talk to get things done.

Why are these Kenwood two way radios more expensive than what I see in big box stores and online? Kenwood is a leading manufacturer of two way radios around the World. Kenwood products are designed to last and to sound great when in use.

Is an FCC License Required to use these Kenwood Two Way Radios? Yes, and while many people don’t follow through with getting a license, we suggest you do. We offer FCC Licensing Services for $750.00. The License is valid for 10 years and we do the work for you.

Are the Kenwood Two Way Radios that do not require an FCC License?  No, all Kenwood two way radios designed for use in the Dental Industry should be licensed.  A major reason for licensing is to ensure there's no interference between your Practice and Kids, Local Truck Drivers, or other businesses.  

Can we try radios out before buying them? Yes, please call 855-770-7194 or Chat with us for assistance with arranging a demo.

Are there any promotions available specifically for the Dental Industry? Yes, please apply coupon code Tooth in the Shopping Cart to receive a 10% discount on your order!

Are Kenwood Two Way Radios HIPPA Compliant? No, two way radios don’t talk so they can’t be HIPPA compliant. You should exercise the same care when talking over your Kenwood Walkie Talkies as you do when talking in the halls of your facility.

Do Kenwood Two Way Radios have a warranty? Yes, 2 years from the date of purchase. One year on headsets.

How quickly can we get our new Kenwood Two Way Radios?  We ship Kenwood Two Way Radios the same business day. You can have your new Kenwood walkie talkies as early as tomorrow!