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Superintendent & Crew

Two Way Radios for Golf Course Superintendents & Crew

We offer the Motorola VX-459 as an affordable, waterproof two way radio with a keypad.  Our key padded radio is fully compatible with any existing two way radio and any irrigation system utilizing two way radios to activate your irrigation system.  We suggest the Motorola VX-261 or the Kenwood TK-3000 for the remainder of your Crew.  These walkie talkies are water resistant and affordable.  We offer shoulder mics to compliment each of the recommended models.  Don't forget to ask us about Call Boxes!  

  • Motorola RDU4100 4 Watt 10 Channel UHF two way radio

    Motorola RDU4100

    Motorola RDU4100 4 Watt 10 Channel UHF Two Way Radio The Motorola RDU4100 is the most powerful UHF two way radio we sell.  The Motorola RDU4100 is ideal for large businesses and campuses where two way radio communication is vital to workplace safety...

    $329.00 $279.00
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  • Motorola VX-261 5 Watt UHF or VHF Two Way Radio

    Motorola VX-261

    Motorola VX-261 UHF or VHF 5 Watt Two Way Radio  Motorola's VX-261 Series Two Way Radio is feature rich and affordable.  Our Motorola VX-261 series two way radio replaces three models in the Legacy Vertex Standard fleet, the VX-231, VX-261,...

    $209.99 $174.99
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  • Vertex Standard VX-459 UHF or VHF 5 Watt 512 Channel Two Way Radio

    Vertex Standard VX-459

    The Vertex Standard VX-459 two way radio is the most feature rich analog two way radio on the market for the price.  What makes the Vertex Standard VX-459 DTMF features stand out from the rest is the ease of use and customization versus other 2 way...

    $379.99 $339.00
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