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Two Way Radios in Elementary Education

Two Way Radios used in Elementary Education

Two Way Radios Keep Elementary Schools Safer & More Efficient has been providing elementary schools two way radios since our inception.  Motorola two way radios have a number of uses within the elementary school which will improve staff efficiency while keeping children and staff safe.  Key uses include:

  • Communication between Principal and Key Leadership
  • Janitorial Staff
  • Playground Safety
  • Fire Drill Coordination
  • Car Loading and Unloading specializes in helping schools find the best two way radio for their needs.  Often, this isn't the best two way radio on the market.  We will work with you to maximize your budget ensuring you get as many two way radios as possible.  Our goal is to provide you with new two way radios which work with your existing fleet of two way radios.  We offer accessories and repairs on most two ways in use today.

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