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Motorola two way radios are being used by C-Stores to improve the productivity of Team Members and to increase the speed of service to the customer.  Motorola two way radios are also being used to create a more secure working environment and as tool to better manage the workflow of Team Members.

Research tells us that your customer doesn’t want to wait in line and that the third person in line gets restless and the fourth person abandons their purchase.  C-Stores typically have two Team Members on duty at any time to ensure proper manning of the cash register as well as ensuring the cleanliness and stocking of the store.  Motorola two way radios will help you keep your Team Members productive throughout the shift while ensuring the cash registers can be adequately manned at a moment’s notice.

Typical use of Motorola two way radios in the C-Store Industry include:

Team Member Communication – Motorola two way radios are used to move Team Members through the store as customer conditions permit.  Don’t lose a sale due to lines because a Team Member is in the back stocking the beverage cooler.  Team Members can communicate to reduce wait times and increase sales.

Security – Motorola two way radios are provide a higher level of security for your Team Members.  By communicating amongst one another, they can identify and respond to suspicious behavior before the behavior escalates.

Increased Sales – Use Motorola two way radios to communicate stock level issues.  Need coffee filters and a Team Member is in the back getting ice… faster responses to these immediate needs results in satisfied customers and increased sales.

 Our Motorola CLP1010 is the most popular two way radio used in the Convenience Store industry today.