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Motorola Two Way Radio Models

Motorola Two Way Radio Model Details and Compatible Models

Motorola Solutions has built hundreds of two way radio models over the years.  To find your model, use your Control and F Search Funtion to find your specific model.  We provide details about the two way radio in question and our reccomended replacement.  


Motorola CLS1810.  The Motorola CLS1810 is manufactured exclusively for Target Stores.  The Motorola CLS1110 and the Motorola CLS1410 are compatible with the CLS1810 as well as all Motorola CLS Series accessories.  

Motorola RDM2070d.  The Motorola RDM2070d is manufactured exclusively for Walmart and Sam's Club Stores.  The Motorola RMM2050 is compatible with the Motorola RDM2070d as well as all Motorola RDX Series accessories.  

Motorola RDX.  Motorola RDX Series Two Way Radios includes the RDV2020, RDV2080, RDV2080d, RDU2020, and the RDU2080d.  These Two Way Radios were replaced by Motorola RM Series Two Way Radios.  

Motorola Spirit GT.  The Motorola Spirit GT was a one watt one channel two way radio sold to retail stores and restaurants.  The Motorola Spirit GT was replaced by the Motorola CLS1110.

Motorola VL50.  The Motorola VL50 was created for Motorola's Traditional Two Way Radio Dealer Channel to offer an alternative to the Motorola CLS Series two way radio.  The Motorola CLS Series two way radio products are sold by non-traditional two way radio Resellers like  The Motorola VL50 is compatible with the  Motorola CLS1110 and the Motorola CLS1410

Motorola CP200.  The Motorola CP200 has been discontinued and replaced with the Motorola CP200d. does not offer either of these two way radios for sale.  The Motorola RDU4100 and Motorola RDU4160d are effective replacement UHF two way radios.  The Motorola RDV5100 is an effective replacement for VHF CP200 two way radios.