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Top Selling Church Radios

Top Selling Church Two Way Radios sells thousands of two way radios to churches across the United States and we've found these three walkie talkies are the best selling radios in the industry.  Churches use two way radios to manage Teams, manage facilities, and for safey. Traditional walkie talkies are a dependable communication tool and are easy to implement quickly with volunteers. 

Common Two Way Radio Questions we get include: 

Why do you only show C Ring Headsets on your radio packages?  We recommend C Ring Headsets because they can be worn by multiple users and are easily wiped down between users.  We offer more discrete headsets for those who want them but encourage you to have those people buy their own heeadset.  

Will two way radios interfere with our wireless microphones?  No, two way radios and wireless microphones are on different freqeuncy bands and do not interfere with each other.

We need to talk to different teams and not distract each other, can we do this?  Yes, this is accomplished using multi-channel radios.  

Are two way radios easy to use?  Yes, you can train someone on how to use a walkie talkie in about two minutes.  Simply turn them on and start talking.