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Motorola CLS1110

Motorola CLS1110 1 Watt 1 Channel UHF Two Way Radios - North America's Best Selling Two Way Radio!

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The Motorola CLS1110 is hands down the best selling two way radio in North America!  Visit any shopping mall, most sit down restaurants, Doctor's Offices, Dentists, Movie Theaters, Car Washes, Elementary Schools, Churches, Day Cay Centers, Athletic Teams, and a host of other businesses and you'll see the Motorola CLS1110 in use!  You'll see the Motorola CLS1110 because the Motorola CLS1110 helps businesses improve communication, speed service, and improve employee moral.  Give us a call today for some specific examples of how the Motorola CLS1110 two way radio can improve your business!  

We Educate  ... You Decide if the Motorola CLS1110 is the right two way radio for your business!

Why is the Motorola CLS1110 so popular?  The Motorola CLS1110 is an affordably priced business two way radio.  It offers key features such as business exclusive frequencies, long life rechargeable battery, and crystal clear audio.  The Motorola CLS1110 is compact, lightweight, and super easy to use.  

What's the big deal about using Motorola CLS1110 two way radios in my business?  We live in a society where instant gratification almost isn't fast enough.  We also live in a time where being more efficient equals profitability.  The Motorola CLS1110 allows your Team the ability to instantly communicate to get the job done more efficiently using teamwork.  

Can we have private calls on the Motorola CLS1110?  No, the premise behind the Motorola CLS1110 is that everyone hears everyone which allows Teamwork to create an efficient environment.  For users who need private communication, we suggest the Motorola DLR1020 which was built on the same popular CLS platform with some additional capabilities.  

Can we try the Motorola CLS1110 before buying? offers a 30 money back guarantee on the Motorola CLS1110.  We suggest buying two Motorola CLS1110 two way radios to try in your environment.  If the Motorola CLS1110 doesn't work for you, we'll take them back.