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Motorola SL300

Motorola MotoTrbo Sleek SL300 Digital Two Way Radio 

The Motorola MotoTRBO SL300 is a 3 Watt Digital Two Way Radio available in UHF and VHF models with 2 or 99 Talk Channels.  Motorola SL300 Digital two way radios can be used with both Analog and TDMA Digital walkie talkies programmed on the same frequencies. The Motorola SL300 is the sleekest two way radio on the market today and is highly desired for its compact size, outstanding audio quality and excellent battery life.  You'll quickly discover the Motorola MotoTRBO SL300 has better range than most 4 and 5 watt two way radios programmed to the same frequencies and codes!  

Key Features of the Motorola MotoTRBO SL300 include:

  • 2 or 99 Talk Channels
  • TDMA UHF or VHF Digital Capability
  • Analog UHF or VHF Capability
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life
  • 3 Watts of Transmit Power with Range Max Transmit Power Technology

Your Motorola MotoTRBO SL300 Digital Two Way Radio Includes the Following:

  • 1 UHF or VHF MotoTRBO SL300 Handset picked at time of purchase
  • 1 PMLN7190 Heavy Duty Swivel Belt Clip
  • 1 PMNN4468 Lithium Ion Battery 
  • Free Standard Programming

We Educate .... You Decide if the Motorola MotoTRBO SL300 Digital Two Way Radio is Right for You!

Will the Motorola MotoTRBO SL300 Digital Two Way Radio work with both UHF and VHF two way radios?  No, you must order a UHF or VHF model based on your existing two way radios.  

Will the Motorola MotoTRBO work with all Digital two way radios?  The Motorola MotoTRBO SL300 walkie talkie will work with other TDMA digital two way radios.  Kenwood and ICOM both manufacture FDMA digital two way radios which might not be compatible.  

Why does the Motorola MotoTRBO SL300 come in a 99 channel model?  Most of the 99 channels will be used to communicate with specific people. can assist you with programming your groups of employees and then individual users into the SL300 making your walkie talkie investment even more productive.  

How fast can we get our new MotoTRBO SL300 two way radios? keeps ample supply of both the 2 and 99 channel models of the SL300 and can ship your order as early as today!