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Video Surveillance

Affordable and Creative Surveillance Solutions for Small Businesses and Organizations has been helping companies and organizations improve productivity and enhance safety using two way radios for more than twenty years.  While walkie talkies are the primary tool we use to help businesses, we also look for complimentary products to make two way radios more effective and video surveillance is an area which is very complimentary to what we do.  

Our core principles include the following. 

  • All Organizations must constantly improve to remain relevant. 
  • Communication is a fundamental need for all organizations.
  • Keeping your Associates and Customers Safe isn't a goal, it is obligation. is pleased to offer video surveillance products by Ring to our customer base.  Ring products are Wi-Fi based security cameras which provide HD quality video.  Ring products are easily installed without the need for technical expertise.  Security Cameras are an excellent deterrent for those who seek to create trouble and provide a valuable video record in the event something does happen.  Your organization can be safer tomorrow without spending tens of thousands of dollars.  Give us a call today at 855-770-7194 to learn more about how Ring Security Products can hep your business become safer!  


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    Hytera VM780 64 Gigabyte Body Camera with Push To Talk Radio

    Hytera VM780 64 GB

    Hytera VM780 64 Gigabyte Video BodyCam and PTT Radio The Hytera VM780 Video BodyCam with Intergrated PTT Radio is part of Hytera's award winning Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) family.  This compact body camera can stream video in realtime back to...

    MSRP: $899.00
    Was: $800.00
    Now: $764.10
  • RAZO d'Action 360s DC5000A Drive Action Recorder RAZO d'Action 360s DC5000A Drive Action Recorder  features a 360 degree recording

    RAZO d'Action 360s DC5000A

    RAZO Car Mate d'Action 360s DC5000A 360 Degree Dash Camera with Built In GPS The Razo Car Mate d'Action DC5000A 360S model utilizes two 360 degree lenses to clearly capture everything in front, around, and even inside of your vehicle.  Car Mate...

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  • Motorola Solutions VB-400-Dock-Solo

    Motorola VB400-Dock-Solo

    Motorola VB400-DOCK-SOLO The Motorola VB400-DOCK-SOLO is a single port charging dock used to connect Motorola VM400 series cameras with Motorola Solutions VideoManager Softtware.  The VB400 Solo Dock is ideal for single cameras, remote workers, and...

  • Motorola Solutions VB400 Body Camera Motorola VB400 Body Camera

    Motorola VB400

    Motorola Solutions VB400 Body Camera The Motorola VB400 Body Camera is a 64 Gig 1080p wearable digital video recorder. The VB400 is Motorola Solutions best selling Body Camera because of its robust feature offerings and unwavering durability. The...

  • Motorola RF-200 RFID Reader

    Motorola RF-220

    Motorola RF-220 RFID Reader The Motorola RF-220 RFID Reader allows for the efficient allocation of Motorola Body Worn Cameras including the VT-100 and the VB-400.  the Motorola RF-220 is used to quickly assign body cameras to associates.  Users...

  • Motorola DC-200 DockController

    Motorola DC-200

    Motorola DC-200 DockController The Motorola DC-200 DockController is used to connect multiple body worn cameras to Motorola VideoManager Software.  You can use the Motorola DC-200 to connect up to 84 Motorola VT-100 body cameras at one time to...

  • Motorola Motorola VT-100-DOCK14 14 Slot Charging Dock

    Motorola VT-100-DOCK14

    Motorola VT-100-DOCK14 14 Slot Docking Station  The Motorola VT-100-DOC14 14 Slot Docking Station is used with your computer to charge, configure, and offload video footage from your Motorola VT-100 cameras.  Motorola VT-100-DOCK14 14 Slot...

  • Motorola VT-100-SOLO Single Unit Docking Station

    Motorola VT-100-SOLO

    Motorola VT-100-SOLO Single Docking Station  The Motorola VT-100-SOLO Single Docking Station is used with your computer to charge, configure, and offload video footage from your Motorola VT-100 camera.  Motorola VT-100-SOLO Single Docking...

  • Motorola VT-100-N Body Worn Camera Motorola VT-100 Body Camera Mounting Solutions

    Motorola VT-100

    Motorola VT-100-N Body Worn Camera Interested in buying a Motorola VT-100-N Body Camera, give a call at 855-770-7194 for assistance designing and implmenting your Body Camera System.  The Motorola VT-100-N is a Body-Worn Camera...

  • Hytera SmartGuard Device Hytera SmartGuard Temperature Detection & Facial Recognition Device

    Hytera SmartGuard

    Hytera SmartGuard Temperature Screening Device The Hytera SmartGuard Temperature Screening Device is designed to help organizations manage contactless temperature screenings of visitors and employees alike.  This robust system instantly scans body...

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