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Motorola DLR110 used by Walmart & Sam's Clubs

Motorola Curve DLR110 for Walmart & Sam's Clubs

Walmart & Sam's are transitioning away from the Motorola RMV2080d and moving to the Motorola DLR110, often called the Motorola Curve.  While both of these models are made by Motorola, they are are not compatible with each other or any other brand of two way radios.  The Motorola DLR110 uses license free Digital frequencies in the 900 mhz band.  Motorola DLR110 series radios offer advanced features like one to one calling, WiFi based messaging, group calling, and emergency calling.  Motorola DLR110 two way radios sold by will work with the DLR110 in your Walmart or Sams location out of the box you will have to have Management approval if you want to use the advanced WiFi features.  

The following audio accessories are available for the Motorola Curve DLR110.  

Motorola PMLN8311 C Ring Headset with Inline Push to Talk 

Motorola PMLN7158 Surveillance Earpiece with Inline Push to Talk

Motorola PMMN4125 Shoulder Mic

Pryme Bluetooth Adapter - Use your Android Bluetooth Headset to wirelessly connect to your Motorola DLR110