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Motorola CLS1410 Accessories

Motorola CLS1410 Two Way Radio Accessories

The Motorola CLS1410 is one of the most popular two way radios in the Motorola lineup.  All accessories in this category are designed to work with the Motorola CLS1410 walkie talkie.  You'll find headsets and earpieces for the Motorola CLS1410, replacement batteries for your Motorola CLS1410, and charging accessories for the Motorola CLS1410 two way radio.  

Motorola CLS1410 accessories are compatible with Motorola CLS1110 walkies talkies and Motorola VL50 two way radios. Motorola CLS1410 two way radio accessories are also compatible with all Motorola DLR, RM, and RDX series two way radios as well as other Motorola two way radios with 2 pin connections.  

  • Motorola SNN5571 CLS Series Replacement Battery

    Motorola SNN5571

    Motorola SNN5571 CLS Series Replacement Lithium Ion Battery The Motorola SNN5571 is the replacement battery for the Motorola CLS1110, CLS1410, CLS1810, CLS1000, CLS1450, and the Motorola VL50.  This Lithium Ion battery lasts up to 12 hours between...

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  • ARC G32 Noise Canceling Headsets for Kenwood and Motorola two way radios Astra Radio Communications G32 Noise Canceling Headset for Two Way Radios

    ARC G32 Series G-Hook Lapel Microphone

    ARC G-32 G Hook Lapel Microphone We no longer carry the ARC  G-32 Hook Lapel Microphone due to quality issues.   The G-Hook Lapel Microphone fits left or right ear, has a replaceable foam cover. The Knowles lapel microphone with enhanced...

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  • Motorola PMNN4497 CLS Series Li Ion Rechargeable Battery

    Motorola PMNN4497

    Motorola PMNN4497 CLS Series Lithium Ion Battery Buy 6 or more Motorola PMNN4497 CLS Series Lithium Ion Batteries and save 5%.  The discount will automatically be applied to the purchase price.   The Motorola PMNN4497 CLS Series...

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    Motorola HKLN4606 External Speaker Mic Motorola HKLN4606 Shoulder Mic

    Motorola HKLN4606

    Motorola HKLN4606 2 Pin Remote Speaker Microphone  Motorola HKLN4606 Remote Speaker Mic is a heavy duty shoulder mic designed for active workers in loud environments.  By getting the speaker closer to the ear, users are able to hear more...

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    Motorola HKLN4601 surveillance earpiece

    Motorola HKLN4601

    Motorola HKLN4601 Single Wire Surveillance Headset with Inline Push to Talk Mic Motorola HKLN4601 is a single wire surveillance headset with in-line push to talk mic designed for Security Officers and others using two way radios discreetly.  The...

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    Motorola HKLN4599 earpiece with inline mic

    Motorola HKLN4599

    Motorola HKLN4599 D Ring Headset is one of our most Popular! Purchase 6 or more Motorola HKLN4599 D Ring Headsets and see instant savings in your shopping cart! The Motorola HKLN4599 Earpiece with In-line Push to Talk is one of our most popular...

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