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Two Way Radios in Security

Two Way Radios are an Essential Tool for Security Officers

There's no question Security Officers need two way radios to perform their duties.  Instant communication is a must when working to keep others safe.  Having the ability to immediately respond to threats, neutralize a suspect, and coordination after an incident are just some of the key reasons walkie talkies are used in the Security Environment.  You recognize the need for two way radios, will help you find the most affordable two way radio you need for your environment.  Clearly, a night club does not need need the same walkie talkie as a Security Officer on the campus of a manufacturing campus.  We've learned the best two way radio isn't always the most expensive two way radio.  Give us a call at 855-770-7194 and we're happy to learn more about your specific needs so we can make some suggestions for you.  

Below you'll see some common areas where Security Officers work and the best value in two way radios for these areas.  Each of the walkie talkies mentioned below are pictured in the product section immediately below the text.  

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Church Security Teams use the Motorola DLR1020 or the Kenwood TK-3230 UHF Two Way Radio.

Campus Security Officers use the VX-450 Series Two Way Radio.  There are three models which are chosen based on the specific needs of the campus.

Movie Theater Security Officers use the Motorola DTR550 Digital Two Way Radio.  

Night Club and Bar Security use the Motorola CLS1110 or the Kenwood TK-3230 UHF Two Way Radio.

Private Security Officers use the Motorola VX-261 or the VX-450 Series two way radio based on the complexity of the job.  Motorola VX-261 walkie talkies are a great standard issue walkie talkie for these professionals.  

Retail Security Officers rely on the Motorola VX-261 5 Watt Programmable Two Way Radio.. The VX-261 comes in UHF or VHF Models.    

All two way radios we sell for Security Officers come complete with battery, belt clip, and a drop in charging tray.  We offer free 2 day shipping on all two way radio orders.  Some programming may be required to ensure your new walkie talkies are programmed to work with your existing fleet of two way radios.