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Vertex Standard Two Way Radios

Vertex Standard Two Way Radios

Motorola announced they were discontinuing the Vertex Standard brand of two way radios in early 2016.  Motorola has rebranded a number of Vertex Standard products and will continue to provide warranty and repair service for Vertex Standard branded two way radios until 2021.  If you need assistance replacing your Vertex Standard two way radio with a compatible Motorola two way radio, please give us a call at 855-770-7194 for assistance.  

Vertex Standard was the fastest growing brand of two way radios in North America.  Owned by Motorola, Vertex Standard offers feature rich, compact, and affordable two way radios with an industry leading three year warranty.  Vertex Standard two way radios are designed in Japan and built to Motorola's stringent quality standards.  In 2017, Motorola discontinued the Vertex Standard brand in the United States.  A number of popular Vertex Standard two way radios were re-branded as Motorola two way radios.  



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