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Two Way Radios in Car Spas

Car Spas & Large Scale Car Washes Depend on Two Way Radios to Speed Service!

Let's face it, your Car Spa does a significant amount of its business on weekends.  Your customers expect to spend 30-40 minutes getting their car cleaned and they start getting impatient after 20.  Customers driving by make an instant determination on whether to stop and get the car washed based on how many cars are in que.  Moving cars through quickly breeds more business.  Keeping your Team communicating is essential for you to meet this key goal. has been helping Car Spas with their two way radio needs for years.  Your business needs small, compact two way radios with great audio and excellent water resistance.  The two way radios shown on this page are successfully used by Car Washes around the United States to improve communication, speed service, and ultimately allow you to wash more cars per hours.  

An investment in two way radios in unmatched in its return on investment for your business.  Using two way radios will enable you to move at least three more cars per day through your facility.  A six pack of two way radios and headsets costs about $1200.  At $20 per car, your complete investment will be recovered in 60 days.  

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Consider these uses for two way radios in your facility:

  • Manager to Key Personnel Communication
  • Cashier to Manager Discussions
  • Moving Team Members based on immediate needs - dry cars or vacuum
  • Allow Team Members to communicate across the yard without having to walk over - Time is money 

Waterproof Two Way Radios Available for your Car Wash Include:

Motorola T600 Walkie Talkies - This is a consumer grade two way radio, very affordable but not durable enough for business use.

Kenwood NX-P500 Digital Two Way Radio - Business Tier walkie talkie that's completely submersible and under $200 when you call 855-770-7194 and mention this statement!  This is our best selling two way radio for the Car Wash Industry!  We offer a 6 pack bundle of the NX-P500 with a 10% discount for your Car Wash.  Use coupon code Wash.

Motorola VX-451 Two Way Radio - Our most durable Waterproof two way radio


Give us a call today at 855-770-7194 to learn more about how two way radios can help your Car Spa become more productive and profitable.  Save 5% on your order by using coupon code WF!