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Hytera Two Way Radios

Hytera Two Way Radios

Hytera is a leading Manufacturer of Two Way Radios around the World offering compact, durable walkie talkies at affordable price points.  The majority of Hytera two way radios operate in both Analog and Digital Modes making them an excellent investment.  From Churches to Refineries, Hytera has a two way radio to meet your needs at a price point that won't break your budget.  Hytera offers hand held portable two way radios, mobile two way radios, repeaters, and body cameras.    

We Educate  .... You Decide if Hytera Two Way Radios are Right For You!

Will Hytera two way radios work with our existing fleet of two way radios?  Yes, 99% of the time we can program Hytera to work with your existing walkie talkies.  Call at 855-770-7194 for assistance or use the Chat link below to start a conversation with us.  We're glad to help.

A Salesperson told me it is illegal to buy or use Hytera products in the United States, is this true? only sells two way radios which have been legally imported into the United States and that are approved by the Federal Communications Commission for sale here.  All Hytera products we sell meet these requirements.  

Where are Hytera products made?  Hytera two way radios are manufactured in China, as are most of the two way radios sold in the United States.  Hytera US has dual headquarters located in Florida and California.  

What happens if my Hytera walkie talkie breaks?  Where do I send it for warranty service?  Hytera has three Service and Repair Depots.  They are located in California, Illinois, and Florida.  We will have your unit serviced at the closest depot to your location.  Repairs typically take 72 business hours once received.  

Why should I buy Hytera walkie talkies?  Value and capabilities are two key components of Hytera walkie talkies.  You'll love the price, you'll love the walkie talkies, and most have digital capabilities.  Think back to the difference between Analog and Digital televisions.  You'll experience many benefits using a digital two way radio including clearer audio, better range, and better battery life.