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Aquatic Camps

Two Way Radios for Aquatic Camps

Aquatics might just be the most dangerous, fulfilling, and adventurous part of any Summer Camp program.  Most kids are drawn to the Pool, Lake, or Oceanfront activities and keeping them safe while having fun is priority one.  A missing kid can have deadly consequences so there are procedures in place to prevent the unthinkable.  Two Way Radios are a vital safety tool keeping Staff connected with Camp Administration, First Responders, and Aquatics Staff at the touch of a button during an incident.  Fortunately, incidents are rare so walkie talkies become assist the Aquatic Staff during their daily activities.  Walkie talkies help with organization, scheduling, and crowd control. 

Motorola offers an affordable and waterproof two way radio Aquatics Teams.  The Motorola VX-451 comes in both UHF and VHF models and can be submerged in over 9 feet of water for a period of 30 minutes.  Motorola VX-451 walkie talkies can be used alongside other two way radios programmed to the same frequencies allowing for budgetary concerns.  Mixing and matching amongst models allows more walkie talkies to be purchased within the constraints of your budget.  Give a Call at 855-770-7194 or Chat with us using the link at the bottom right of this page to learn more about two way radios and your camp.    

Resources for Aquatics Directors

Ohio University has their Aquatics Emergency Action plan published online.  This is an excellent resource if you do not have an established, written Emergency Action Plan.  The role of walkie talkies is outlined in this plan as well.  

We Educate .... You Decide if Two Way Radios are Right for You

We have found more affordable waterproof two way radios made by Motorola and Midland.  Why buy these more expensive two way radios?  The Motorola VX-451 is a 5 Watt Commercial tier two way radio which is built for every day use.  These units are made to meet military specifications for durability, dust intrusion, and waterproofing.  The Motorola and Midland GMRS two way radio you see are not built for every day use.  They will work, but not as well.  

  • Motorola VX-451 5 Watt 32 Channel Two Way Radio Motorola VX-451 5 Watt 32 Channel UHF or VHF Walkie Talkie

    Motorola VX-451

    Motorola VX-451 UHF or VHF Five Watt Two Way Radio The Motorola VX-451 two way radio was built to hold up in the toughest environments.  This work horse of a 2 way radio is an ideal crew radio.  Meeting the demanding IP57 military...

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