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Two Way Radio Accessories

Two Way Radio Accessories stocks a large selection of accessories for the two way radios we sell and for two way radios no longer manufactured.  We offer antennas, batteries, belt clips, chargers, headsets, holsters, and multi-chargers for your walkie talkies.  You'll see products from Hytera, ICOM, Kenwood, Motorola, Midland, Standard Horizon, & Yaesu to keep your walkie talkies performing at their best.  Give us a call at 855-770-7194 if you don't see the accessory you're looking for and we'll find it for you! 

  • Maxon MDS-2400 Wireless Radio Loudspeaker

    Maxon MDS-2400

    Maxon MDS Series Wireless 20 Watt Radio Loudspeaker The Maxon MDS-2400 is a 20 Watt Wireless Radio Loudspeaker designed to enhance your radio system by creating a wireless PA system.  Maxon MDS-2400 Radio Loudspeakers can be mounted indoors or out...

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    Pryme HDS-EM Dual Muff Headset with Noise Canceling Microphone

    Pryme HDS-EM

    Pryme HDS-EM Dual Muff Noise Canceling Headset The Pryme HDS-EM is a professional dual muff noise canceling headset designed for users in high noise environments.  Pryme HDS-EM dual muff nLise canceling headsets are designed to be used with a large...

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    Now: $329.00
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    PC TEL PCTCN1520 1/4 VHF Antenna

    PC Tel PCTCN1520

    PC TEL PCTCN1520 1/4 VHF Antenna PCTEL (Maxrad) VHF 1/4 wave chrome nut antenna - Titanium finish.  Frequency Range of 152-162 mhz.  Please note, this is the antenna only.  Mount purchase seperately.  

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  • Pryme SPM-603 Speaker Mic for Motorola Two Way Radios with 2 Pin Connection

    Pryme SPM-603

    Pryme SPM603 Speaker Mic for Motorola Two Way Radios with 2 Pin Connection  The Pryme SPM603 is an excellent aftermarket speaker mic designed to work with Motorola two way radios with a 2 pin audio connection.  The Pryme SPM603 is designed to...

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