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Clinic Two Way Radios

Clinic Two Way Radios

Two Way Radios in this category are designed to work well in facilities less than 200,000 square feet and are easily paired with headsets for discretion.  You need not worry about interference from outside sources, talk range, or weight.  Additionally, all two way radios in this grouping are compact, lightweight, and can easily be worn in a pocket or an a lanyard.

Key Features of Clinic Two Way Radios

  • Compact, Lightweight Design
  • Up to 6 Talk Channels
  • Excellent Range & Audio Quality
  • Up to 15 Hours of Battery Life Between Charges
  • System is Easily Expandable
  • Business Exclusive Frequencies

Key Uses of Clinic Two Way Radios

    • Coordinating Patient Care 
    • Quickly Turning over Patient Rooms
    • Doctor - Nurse Communication
    • Saving Footsteps

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We Educate  .... You Decide if Clinic Two Way Radios Are Right for You

Which is the best two way radio for a clinic?  The Motorola DLR1060 is the best two way radio for a Clinic.  You'll get six talk channels and the ability to privately reply when needed. 

Which is the most affordable two way radio for a clinic?  Midland's LXT600BBX4 is our most affordable Business Two Way Radio Kit.  This walkie talkie package is a great value but does not use Business Exclusive Two Way Radio Features, which means you might pick up outside interference on occasion.  

Do these walkie talkies require an FCC License?  Motorola DLR1020, Motorola DLR1060, and Midland LXT600BBX4 two way radios do not require an FCC License.  All other two way radios we recommend for clinics require an FCC License.  An FCC License costs $600 for 10 years and can assist you in procuring an FCC License.  

Do these two way radios require an installation?  No, these walkie talkies are all ready to use out of the box.  We may have to assist you with reprogramming your walkie talkies if someone else in the area is using the same frequency.  

Why should we invest in two way radios?  Two way radios are the least expensive and most effective tool you can implement to improve productivity, enhance communication, and increase Patient Satisfaction.  Your Staff and Your Patients will both love how two way radios improve your operation.