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Two Way Radios 12 Pack

12 Pack Bundles of our Most Popular UHF, VHF & Digital Two Way Radios offers easy to order bundles of our most popular 2 way radio models.  This category contains 12 pack bundles of Motorola and Kenwood walkie talkies.  With each 12 pack two way radio bundle you'll receive 12 Walkie Talkies, 12 batteries, 12 individual charging trays, and 12 belt clips or holsters depending on the model. (Some walkie talkies have dual port charging stations instead of individual charging trays. 

Have Questions?  Give a call at 855-770-7194 or Chat with us to learn more!


We Educate  .... You Decide if a 12 Pack Bundle of Two Way Radios Are Right For You!

I need 15 walkie talkies, can you customize a bundle of walkie talkies for us?  Yes, we are happy to customize any of our bundles.  Please give us a call at 855-770-7194 for click the chat button below for assistance. 

How many walkie talkies can be used on the same channel?  While there is no limit to the number of walkie talkies that can be used on the same channel, we suggest you use segregate teams onto different channels as soon as you have 10 walkie talkies in use. 

Do I need a license to use 12 walkie talkies at the same location?  GMRS, most Business, and all Commercial Series Two Way Radios require FCC licenses. can assist you with the requirements as they apply to you.  Give us a call at 855-770-7194 or click to Chat below.  We'll be happy to assist you.

Will you customize a 12 pack two way radio bundle for us?  Absolutely, please give us a call or click to Chat below and we'll be happy to customize a bundle based on your specific requirements.  



  • Motorola VL50 1 Watt 8 Channel UHF Two Way Radio, Pack of 12

    Motorola VL50 12 Pack

    Motorola VL50 1 Watt 8 Channel UHF Two Way Radio - Pack of 12 The Motorola VL50 is a 1 Watt 8 Channel UHF Two Way Radio built on the very popular Motorola CLS Series product line.  Motorola VL50 walkie talkies are commonly used in Assisted Living...