Hytera Injunction Lifted

17th Apr 2024

Hyytera Court Ordered Injunction Lifted

The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit lifted the 14 day injunction on Tuesday April 16th, 2024.  There are no longer any limitations on purchasing or selling Hytera equipment anywhere in the World.  We will add a link to the court documents as soon as they are published, typically 3-5 business days after the proceeding concludes.  Twowayradiocenter.com has independently confirmed via the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit's website that the injunction has been lifted.  

For more information about the original injunction, please follow this link. Hytera Injunction

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hytera Injunction

Is it legal to use Hytera two way radios?  Yes, there are no laws prohibiting the purchase or sell of Hytera two way radios.  

What if we need our existing Hytera two way radios serviced?  Our normal repair process for Hytera two way radios has not changed.  Reach out to us via text, chat, email, or give us a call for assistance with repairing your Hytera two way radios.  

Will you start selling Hytera two way radios again?  We are under a court injunction to not sell Hytera products. We have no plans other than honoring the injunction.

Why was the injunction in place? We are not Lawyers and aren't a party to the litigation so this is just an opinion.  Hytera and Motorola have been in litigation since 2017 over code used to develop digital two way radios.  Hytera upset the US Court by filing some additional litigation in China and the US Court ordered that case to be dropped.  The injunction was put in place push Hytera to move faster.  

Does twowayradiocenter.com still recommend Hytera two way radios?  We believe Hytera makes compelling products at excellent price points.  We have had great success with Hytera and expect to continue to do so for years to come.