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Marine Radios

Marine Radios is proud to offer Standard Horizon Marine Radios.  Standard Horizon is a the leading supplier of marine two way radios in the World.  Standard Horizion makes both handheld and fixed mount marine two way radios preprogrammed with all marine frequencies for the United States, Canada, and International waterways.  Standard Horizon Marine Radios are protected by an industry leading three year warranty and are built for years of dependable service.  

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We Educate  .... You Decide if Marine Two Way Radios Are Right for You!

We are loooking for two way radios for our Marina, should we buy marine radios?  Marine radios are primarly designed to be used on waterways.  We do offer marine two way radios with both VHF Business Frequencies and US maritime frequencies.  

Can I use a Marine radio for camping?  No, marine radios should only be used on the water unless the radio has been programmed with VHF GMRS or Business Frequencies in addition to the marine frequencies.  

Is an FCC License Required to use a Marine Radio?  No, an FCC License is not required for use.  That said, there can be penalties if the radios are used incorrectly.