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Two Way Radios for Synagogues

Two Way Radios for Synagogues has worked with Synagogues around the United States to provide two way radios.  Improving Safety is always a top priority for Synagogues when researching two way radios.  Safety is a major benefit of using two way radios but safety isn't the way two way radios will be used most often in a Synagogue.  Two way radios are embraced throughout because two way radios allow folks to work more efficiently and be more organized while helping keep the Synagogue safer. 

Key Uses for Two Way Radios in Synagogues Include:

  • Security - Enabling Security Officers to have instant communication with Teammates across Campus Instantly
  • Safety - Responding to Medical Situations, Misplaced Children, or other situations at the touch of a button 
  • Parking - Coordinating Parking and Assisting Guests 
  • Maintenance - Maintenance Teams Can Coordinate Work anywhere on Site
  • Audio  Visual - Facilitating the production of services and events

Have Questions?  Give a call at 855-770-7194 or Chat with us to learn more!

We Educate  .... You Decide How to Select Two Way Radios for your Synagogue 

Do you currently use walkie talkies in your Synagogue?  If yes, please grab one of your two way radios and give us a call at 855-770-7194.  We'll ask some questions about your existing two way radios and make appropriate suggestions.  If no, we can help you select an affordable two way radio based on the size of your Synagogue and after determining if you have any specific needs you're trying to accomplish.  All Walkie Talkies we showcase in this category will work in a Synagogue with 4 or fewer buildings.  

Is your plan to use two way radios for Security and Security alone or will other Ministries utilize two way radios?  We encourage you to purchase two way radios with multiple channels so Security doesn't have to listen to Maintenance and so forth.  

Why shouldn't we be worried about encrypted two way radios?  Your walkie talkies will be programmed on private channels which keeps outsiders from talking over you.  Encrypting the communication significantly increases the price you'll pay per walkie talkie and the odds of someone gaining any insight to your operations by listening in on your two way radios.  

Can we try two way radios before we buy?  Yes, we can send you a pair of two way radios to try out.   Please call 855-770-7194 for more assistance.  

Synagogue Security Resources

Synagogue Security is one of the primary reasons Synagogues make the decision to purchase walkie talkies.  Two way radios allow Staff and Volunteers the ability to instantly communicate campus wide at the touch of a button.  There is little any of us can do to stop a Mad Man from coming on Campus.  There a many things we can do to minimize the impact of a Mad Man on Campus and using two way radios are a vitally important tool for Security Teams should the unthinkable happen. offers these additional resources for you as you look to implement a Security Team at your Synagogue.  

Resources for Synagogues Implementing Synagogue Security Teams

  • FEMA provides an in depth report on implementing a High Quality Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Secure Community Network is an non-profit organization serving the American Jewish Community concerning matters of communal safety, security, and all-hazards preparedness and response.
  • Alice Training Institute offers a number of Affordable Training Program for Churches and other Religious Organizations.  You'll find courses are available online and in person throughout the United States from certified Alice Training Institute Trained Instructors.  Ask us about Scholarships for Web Based ALICE Training when you purchase six or more two way radios from
  • Worship Without Worry Church Security Assessment Materials authored by Tina Lewis Rowe.  These materials are free for your Church to download and use to implement a Church Security Team. 
  • In Texas, First Defense Solutions is an excellent resource to consider when implementing a Church Safety Plan.  
  • Full Armor Church, based in Central Florida is a resource for Churches needing to implement a Security Team, Security Plans, and offers Security Training.