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Grades of Two Way Radios

What are the Differences in Grades of Two Way Radios

Two Way Radio Manufacturers have traditionally graded or classified two way radios based on Market Segment they're trying to reach.  The idea is that a family needing two way radios has different needs than Law Enforcement so they build two way radios with feature sets accordingly.  The Federal Communications Commission classifies two way radios based on who uses them as well by regulating which frequencies can be used by which group.  Here's a general description of the different grades of two way radios available.  Users include:  Families, Scout Troops, Campers, Jeep Enthusiasts, and Small Businesses.

Consumer Grade Walkie Talkies include both FRS and GMRS two way radios.  Consumer grade two way radios are built with the same 22 channels (frequencies) making it super easy to pair up with other consumer two way radios.  Motorola and Midland are the leading manufacturers of Consumer two way radios in the United States.  FRS walkie talkies do not require a license.  GMRS two way radios require a license which runs under $100.  Instructions are found in the packaging.  

Business Grade Two Way Radios.  Business two way radios include both UHF and VHF models and are limited to no more than 16 channels.  Business two way radios are designed to be locked down on a frequency so that all users hear the conversation all the time.  Business two way radios have less "fun" features because they're used to get a job done, not for convenience.  You'l find business two way radios are more durable than consumer two way radios and more expensive because they're built to last in a commercial environment.  Users include Retail Stores, Medical Offices, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Museums, and many others.

Commercial Grade Two Way Radios.  Commercial grade two way radios include both UHF and VHF models and have up to 512 channels.  Like business two way radios, commercial two way radios are designed to be locked down on a frequency so all users hear conversations all the time but have more channels for larger operations.  The needs of a factory or a construction site are very different than the needs of a retail store.  Commercial two way radios can be connected to Repeaters, some are Intrinsically Safe, and are all built to be very durable.  Users include Factories, Distribution Centers, Universities, and Construction Sites.

Public Safety Grade Two Way Radios.  Public Safety Grade two way radios are used by Police, Fire, and other agencies. does not offer any public safety grade two way radios for sale.   

We Educate  ... You Decide ... Which Grade of Two Way Radio is Right for You? 

We are a small business and want radios for emergency purposes, which do you recommend?  Our consumer two way radios are perfect to for emergencies.  If you're going to use walkie talkies during your daily operation, we recommend business two way radios because they're built for rigorous daily use.  

I am a Volunteer Firefighter and need a two way radio to work with my Department.  Can you help me?  Possibly, please give us a call at 855-770-7194 with your Department's main frequency and we'll tell you if we can help.

Our business is considering using two way radios for the first time, which do you suggest?  Please visit our Industry Specific Page to see if we make specific suggestions for your industry.  If you don't see it, please give us a call or use the Chat button at the bottom right to reach out to us.  We're happy to make recommendations.

I want the best two way radio available.  The best two way radio for a Church is very different than the best two way radio for a Scout Troop or a local manufacturing facility.  Simply stated the best two way radio for you probably isn't the most expensive two way radio on our site.  We'll help you pick the best two way radio for you.  Give us a call or start a chat!