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WiFi Two Way Radios

WiFi Powered Two Way Radios

Two Way Radios in this category are designed to communicate over your existing wireless Internet infrastructure.  These walkie talkies are not compatible with traditional two way radios but offer considerable benefits to Customers.

Key Features of WiFi Powered Two Way Radios include:

  • 1 to 1, 1 to Many, and All Call Functions
  • Uses existing WiFi infrastructure for range - add a Cellular Sim Card for Nationwide Coverage 
  • Excellent Audio Quality
  • Compact, Durable Radios

We Educate  .... You Decide if a WiFi Powered Two Way Radio is Right For You!

What is the advantage of a WiFi powered two way radio over a traditional two way radio?  WiFi powered walkie talkies transmit using data packets over the web.  This allows for some creativity in range, talking to other facilities within your company, and when ensuring excellent coverage. is a Leader in assisting customer with WiFi two way radio deployments.  Give us a call to learn how WiFi powered two way radios will benefit your facility.  

I've heard WiFi Two Way Radios will work nationwide, is this true?  You can talk to another WiFi connected radio in your fleet anywhere in the world so long as it is connected to WiFi.  You can add a Sim Card to your WiFi powered two way radio to communicate from it anywhere within the coverage area.  

What type of licensing is required?  You'll need an existing Internet connection to use a WiFi powered two way radio.  No other licenses are required.  

What is the range of a Wi-Fi Equipped Two Way Radio?  Wi-Fi equipped two way radios transmit via your existing WiFi network unless a SIM card is added.  Wi-Fi powered two way radios can have nationwide range or range just on your campus.  


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    Hytera PNC370 poC Cellular based two way radio Hytera PNC370 poC Cellular based two way radio - front and side view

    Hytera PNC370

    Hytera PNC370 POC Professional Two Way Radio The Hytera PNC370 is a Cellular and/or WiFi based professional two way radio allowing Customers to use their walkie talkies across the room or across the United States.  Hytera PNC370 series two way...

    Was: $349.99
    Now: $305.00
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    Hytera PNC370 6 Unit Starter Bundle

    Hytera POC System Starter Kit

    Hytera Push to Talk Over Cellular System Starter Kit The Hytera Push to Talk over Cellular System Starter Kit is a bundled package that includes everything you need to implement a push to talk over cellular system for your organization.  Cellular...

    Was: $3,399.00
    Now: $2,999.00
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