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Two Way Radios for Animal Care

We consider Animal Care to be inclusive of Veterinarian Clinics and Doggie Day Care facilities.  America is in love with their pets and the business of caring for these creatures has become big business.  As these businesses have boomed and meeting client expectations is a top priority.  Motorola two way radios will help your business improve your overall productivity, improve animal safety, and increase customer satisfaction.

Key uses for Animal Care providers include:

Animal Safety – Lots of dogs in one location and occasionally there is a behavior problem.  Motorola two way radios enable your team to communicate and separate the troublemaker before it escalates.

Pet Pick Up – We don’t have to tell you your customers don’t like to wait in line for long periods of time.  Use Motorola two way radios to communicate from the front office to the kennel areas to get animals up front more efficiently.  Doing so enables your team to handle more customers and handle other tasks, ultimately saving you money.

Team Communication – Move your team around the facility using Motorola two way radios.  Assigning tasks, coordinating Team Members based on the immediate business need, and having the ability of consistent and immediate communication will keep your operation running smoother.

Our Motorola CLS1110 is the most popular two way radio for animal care markets.